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6 Things You Didn't Know About Contractor Vehicle Graphics

Advertising your contracting business – whether you do house painting, electrical work or something else altogether – with a mobile marketing scheme is always a good idea. Vehicle graphics packages, partial, and full wraps are just some examples of the methods we use to turn your car, truck or van into a moving billboard. While many contractors already understand the advantages of this medium, we believe that there are 6 things you didn't know about vehicle wraps and graphics.

1. You Choose the Level of Coverage

6 Things You Didn't Know About Contractor Vehicle Graphics in South Jersey

It is a common misconception that a vehicle wrap is an all-or-nothing proposition. This is simply not true. Some contractors like the idea of letting some of the (usually) white vehicle color come through. Integrating it into the design of a partial wrap is possible. In fact, it can be an eye-grabbing style element that also saves you a pretty penny. After all, the less material we use, the more money you save.

2. Wraps do Not Damage a Vehicle; They Protect It!

Contractor vehicle wraps South Jersey

Another myth surrounding this product is the suggestion that the vinyl we use for a wrap will damage your paint. This is simply not true. The wrap goes over your vehicle like a thin membrane. It has the power to protect a paint job like a second skin against modest gravel scratches. When you are using a leased vehicle, this is a huge plus.

3. The Longevity of Our Vinyl Product is Not a Myth

Contractor Pickup Truck Wraps South Jersey

Some folks have a difficult time believing that vehicle graphics or wraps can truly last between five and seven years. Assuming that you are not routinely taking your work truck off-roading or aiming a power washer at it, there should be no problem with the longevity of the product. If something does happen to the wrap, which is sometimes the case when your truck gets into a fender-bender, our technicians can just print out another panel to replace the damaged one. The wrap or graphics package will look as good as new.

4. Yes, You Can Wash a Wrapped Vehicle!

Contractor work van wraps South Jersey

Vehicle lettering, graphics or wraps do not give you a five to seven-year excuse from washing your company car. In fact, we recommend washing the vehicle once a week to remove pollutants and grime that mar the appearance of the vinyl product. Some clients have had bad experiences with drive-through carwashes, particularly the ones that are not well calibrated. Since you do not usually know what the cleaning cycle looks like until it is too late to back out, we suggest hand washing the car, truck or van.

5. Product Removal is Quick and Easy

Vehicle graphics for contractors in South Jersey

Do not worry about removing the wrap or graphics package once you are ready to turn in a leased vehicle or want to upgrade the look of a vinyl product. Just bring it to our workshop and we will remove the vinyl without a problem. Although some clients try doing it on their own, why waste a perfectly good Saturday afternoon, when we can do the same thing with our specialty tools in a just a few minutes?

6. Contractor Vehicle Wraps for South Jersey Businesses May be Tax Deductible

Contractor truck graphics and decals South Jersey

Depending on the vehicle’s primary use and your current tax situation, there is a good chance that the installation of a wrap or graphics package for your contracting business may be tax-deductible as a business expense. Mind you, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of wraps. Direct your tax-specific questions to a CPA or professional tax preparer.

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