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How to Decide Between a Partial or Full Vehicle Wrap

I will be doing a ¼ wrap on a Jeep Wrangler in the near future.  A rear back wrap, to be more specific, that will cover the back windows down to the wheel well.  When my client advised me of this, the first thing I did was to pull up pictures of a Wrangler.  Upon closer inspection, though, I couldn't quite understand why a partial rear wrap.  So, how do you decide on how much of a vehicle to wrap?


Basically, it's important that the vehicle be wrapped where the greatest surface area is visible.  Any curves, bumps or moldings that break up a design also make the wrap harder to read.  Keep in mind many vehicles are seen at fast speeds or from far away.  It's important the viewer get an impression of the vehicle very quickly.  If a design is laid across windows, that can be hard to do.


I have also seen a few designs that did not compliment the curvature of a vehicle. Vehicle wrap design requires a careful eye to make sure the design flows.  On small vehicles, you should almost always try for a full wrap as you have much less space to work with.   Generally the windows will need to be covered.  Additionally, be aware of how your logo might fit onto a smaller vehicle.  If you're stuck on one image or one idea, it might be very difficult to squish it onto a small vehicle car wrap in a meaningful way.


Finally if you have a work van, large work truck or small box truck, partial wraps are very easy to do.  A rear quarter panel or ‘back wrap' fit nicely as there is a lot of surface area to work with.  Occasionally, front door wraps can be an impactful design.  Usually, a back or door wrap is used for a visual effect like walking into a showroom.


To recap, in consideration of a vehicle wrap, make sure you're considering the size, shape and surface area of your vehicle.  The front of a Wrangler offers a great blank canvas or a large logo, especially on the front doors and hood.  If you aren't sure, have a vehicle wrap designer run with it.  The key is to make your logo and branding pop.  Failing that, it's to create a visual effect someone can't help but remember.

Rear Window Wrap

rear window wrap


Partial or 2/3rd Vehicle Wraps

Partial Van Wrap

partial vehicle graphics

Full Vehicle Wraps

Sometimes even the roof is wrapped for city driving

full van wrap

Here we wrapped the rear, sides, and front

full suv wrap

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