Vehicle Wrap Information Kit
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Learn how to maximize your return on investment!

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five stars "Adam and his team at Sunrise Signs rock!! They helped us to achieve the vision that we had for a our vehicle wrap and worked diligently to make it a reality. Our vehicle has instantly become a hit around town and has increase our gross revenue by 25% since it has been out on the road." - Mike

Download our Vehicle Wrap Information Kit and you will learn the How and Why of Vehicle Wraps from Start to Finish

Vehicle Wrap Advertising offers companies the opportunity to put their brand in front of over 50,000 viewers a day, but what do you need to know about vehicle wraps to make an informed decision?

In this kit, you will learn:

  • How to measure ROI on wraps?
  • What do wraps cost and how do they compare to other outdoor advertising mediums?
  • How to choose a wrap company? The difference between the lowest price and quality craftsmanship!
  • What to do after you're wrapped? Learn 5 great ways to maximize you brand exposure!

Once you've read this information you will have the knowledge and know-how to be confident about taking the next step! We're looking forward to hearing your questions and feedback.

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Download Vehicle Wrap Information Kit

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