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Metal Signs Philadelphia

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Aluminum metal signs will give your next signage project a distinct look. If you’re in the market for sleek-looking business signs that add professionalism and style to your Philadelphia business, metal signs are the answer.

You can’t beat the versatility of aluminum signs. Thanks to their high quality and durability, they can be used indoors and outdoors to serve your every business need. To ensure you purchase signs that look great and function well for the long term, you’ll want to ensure you have a trusted signage partner on your side.

A Trusted Metal Sign Manufacturer in Philadelphia, PA

You can rely on the team of signage specialists at Sunrise Signs for your commercial sign needs. We’ve been helping businesses grow and shine with attractive signage solutions since 2008.

With our seamless process, you’ll be able to focus on your business while you leave signage tasks to us. We begin with a discovery phase where we learn more about your brand and your goals for your signage project. Our team will also provide a quote on the cost of metal signs.

From there, you can rely on us to manage your signage project through to its installation. We make the signage process seamless so that you never lose focus of your core operations.

What Are the Uses for Metal Signs for Businesses?

What is a metal sign? It’s a highly versatile signage type that serves many possible uses.

Outside your facility, metal signs are a popular choice for parking signs, wayfinding information, logo signs and much more. Whether you’re using the signs to provide information or simply promote your brand, these signs will deliver. Plus, you can establish your professionalism from the get-go when guests arrive with these prominent signs that stand out.

Inside your facility, interior metal office signs will continue to deliver. These signs make great door signs and room identification signs to add style throughout your business. Your guests will be sure to recognize that you’ve gone the extra mile to help them find their way. Better yet, the signs will augment your business interior and help contribute to your décor.

Consider the Types of Signs Available

You have some options when it comes to selecting the specific type of metal sign that your business needs.

Metal letters can be used to spell out your company name for maximum impact. This type of sign will completely transform your business lobby, boardroom, or entrance to help landmark your location. These prominent large metal letters will not go unnoticed, helping you receive ultimate attention for your brand.

Metal logo signs are also a highly visible signage type. Inside and outside of your facility, these signs can help boost your brand recognition and create a touch point for your company. At Sunrise Signs, our team of specialists will work to ensure that the uniqueness of your company logo is captured in your sign so that you get the most impactful results.

Personalized Signs that Stand Out

Custom metal signs that are crafted for your company specifically will give you an extra edge. With custom cut metal signs that are one-of-a-kind, you’ll have a promotional tool for your business unlike anyone else.

Plus, custom metal signs near you give you an opportunity to make your signage specific to your brand. At Sunrise Signs, our team will focus on using your brand colors, font, images, and any other details that are specific to your business. This will create cohesion among all the tools you use to promote your company for the ultimate in professionalism.

Contact Sunrise Signs for Metal Business Signs

To get started with metal signs near you, simply reach out to us at Sunrise Signs.

We look forward to getting to know your business and helping you shine. To receive a quote on your next signage project, contact us today.