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How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

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One of the most important considerations for a potential vehicle wrap owner is: how much does a vehicle wrap cost? There are many variables that go into the creation of a vehicle wrap. This page will describe how we determine the price of our wraps and graphics, as well as provide you with a range of vehicle wrap costs.
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The cost of a vehicle wrap is dependent on the following variables:

  • Vehicle Wrap Design: Our customers have told us that creative vehicle wrap design is the difference maker between a vehicle wrap that is overly busy, or one that gets the message across, builds sales and your brand. They see this as the biggest return on ROI, as their most worthy investment. Many of our companies we have helped have also considered refreshing their brand identity prior to having a wrap design completed. It allows them to modernize their brand and then make it sparkle while on the road.
  • Square Footage of Vehicle: Vehicle wrap prices are primarily based on the amount of square footage of material needed to wrap a vehicle. Because of this, a larger vehicle like a cargo van or a box truck will cost more than something smaller, like a compact car. This is also the reason that full vehicle wraps are more expensive than partial wraps.
  • Complexity of Vehicle: Some vehicles are more physically complex and detailed than others, which means that our installers will require extra time to make sure that your wrap is properly installed. A vehicle that is particularly curvy, like a Volkswagen Beetle, will take more time than a vehicle that is made up of simple flat surfaces, like a box truck or trailer.
  • Material Used For Wrapping: There are many different kinds of vinyl wrap material on the market, and the quality of your wrap material will affect the over all cost. Nearly all of our wraps are done using premium 3M materials, but if your wrap requires something different, such as a temporary vinyl, the price of your wrap may be effected.
  • Window and Roof Coverage: An important consideration for your vehicle wrap is whether or not you will be covering the windows and roof of your vehicle. Leaving your windows and roof blank will cut down on the available space for your vehicle graphics, but it can also reduce the square footage of material used and cut costs. 

Vehicle Wrap Price Range:

At Sunrise, we break down our vehicle wraps into three price categories. The prices below illustrate a range, and are of course subject to all of the variables that we mentioned above.

  • Spot Vehicle Graphics $800+ (Example #1)
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps start at $1,800+ (Example #2 & #3)
  • Full Vehicle Wraps start at $2,500+ (Example #4)

To see examples of the difference in the amount of coverage between graphics, partial wraps, and full wraps, check out the graphic below!

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