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Pylon Signs Philadelphia


As you traverse through Philadelphia, you’ve likely seen pylon signs near you. Gas stations, retail outlets, restaurants, and a wide range of other businesses use these signs to advertise their location. Since these freestanding signs are typically crafted to stand high above eye level, they are hard to miss. Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and other passersby are sure to spot these signs, making them a key marketing tool for your business.

Pylon Signs in Philadelphia, PA for Your Business

If you’re looking for pylon sign manufacturing in Philadelphia, look no further than Sunrise Signs. We specialize in quality custom signs that help businesses shine. Our passionate team will work with you to grow your business thanks to the power of attractive commercial signs.

Take a look at our portfolio to see some of our recent projects and know that you could become our next customer in Philadelphia. Simply reach out to us to discuss your signage project and request a quote.

Learn More about the Types of Pylon Signs

If you’re not clear on what a pylon sign is, not to worry. It’s typically a tall, freestanding type of sign used to promote your business outside your Philadelphia facility. This type of outdoor sign can be either single-pole or twin-pole, with signage on one or two sides. Illuminated pylon signs are a great choice if you’re looking for maximum visibility day and night.

When it comes to the uses of pylon signs, there are several to consider. First and foremost, marketing. These impressive signs will help command attention for your business and could even bring in new customers. Further, the signs will landmark your location. If customers are navigating to your business, a tall, eye-catching sign will help them arrive at the right spot. With their height, these signs can often be seen from a distance, giving you the most attention for your business in Philadelphia.

Contact Us for a Quote on the Cost of Pylon Signs

At Sunrise Signs, we make the signage process completely seamless for our customers. You’ll benefit from end-to-end support with your signage project so that you can remain focused on your business.

We begin with a discovery discussion to learn about your project ideas and goals. Our team will help you plan out your project and work to create designs that reflect your brand. From there, we’ll manage bringing your ideas to life through your pylon sign installation. You’ll appreciate the hassle-free experience at Sunrise Signs, and you can get started by requesting a quote.

Choose Custom Pylon Signs to Set Your Business Apart

You have a range of options when it comes to customizing your pylon signs so that they give your business a unique look. From their size, height, messaging, illumination, and more selections, you’ll be able to craft signs that align with your company’s needs and reflect your branding.

If you’re not sure where to begin, you can rely on our team to guide you. Our team will help you create powerful visual experiences with your signs that capture attention and grow your business in Philadelphia.

Your Next Steps for Commercial Pylon Signs

To get started, begin by reaching out to us at Sunrise Signs. We look forward to learning more about your project ideas, and together we will work to make your business shine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pole signs have a single pole with a sign attached on top and are popularly used by small businesses. On the other hand, pylon signs are tall, freestanding sign structures. They can have one or two poles that hold a signboard with your business name. They're used by shopping centers and other large businesses.

The cost of a pylon sign can vary greatly depending on factors such as size, materials used, and the complexity of the design. Installation can also add to the cost. It's best to consult with your trusted sign maker to get an exact quote. For your pylon sign needs, feel free to contact us today in order to get the most accurate estimate.

On average, the height of pylon signs can be anywhere between 20 to 80 feet. However, this can vary depending on local city codes and the design your company is looking into. Some cities have height restrictions when it comes to signage. If you want a tall sign, it's best to consult with your local sign maker to understand these requirements better.
A monument sign is typically wider and shorter, and usually no more than 5 feet tall. They also sit on the ground and are designed to display your message at eye level. Pylon signs, however, are tall and elevated. They are usually positioned along highways and are visible from a great distance. This is why they are an effective marketing tool.
Digital pylons are tall, high-tech structures. Just like the typical pylon sign, they have one or two poles supporting a signboard. However, that signboard has LED screens to display your message. They're designed to be eye-catching and interactive. You can also display various content and messages that can be changed in real-time.
Pylon signs have one or two poles typically made of aluminum or steel. Mounted on top of these poles is signage. This can be made of various materials, like acrylic, metal, or polycarbonate. Depending on your design, they can also have light features made with LEDs to light up your sign. By contacting your local sign company, you can figure out what works best for your design.
Pylon signs are extremely helpful for businesses that want to increase their visibility. These tall, freestanding structures are used to display your business name, logo, and other promotional messages. They are also positioned at the entrance of a business, or along the road. This helps people spot your business even from a distance.
Pylon signs can help businesses by increasing their visibility and building brand recognition. They are tall, eye-catching signs that are often placed near highways or busy streets. This makes them ideal for attracting the attention of passing motorists. As a result, you drive more traffic to your space and potentially increase sales and profit.
Due to the fact that they are so large, and can be positioned even a small distance away from your company, they make for great advertising tools. By capturing all those who wander or drive by, it will redirect them to your company and potentially turn those engagements into sales. It’s a great way to increase your ROI.
What makes pylon signs unique is their height. No other signage gives you the kind of elevation that these signs do. They can tower over other surrounding structures, giving you the visibility that others can only dream of. Due to this, it gives businesses the unique opportunity to grab the attention of their audience from far away.