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Post & Panel Signs Philadelphia


Are you looking for new ways to get the attention of your target audience in the Philadelphia area? Signage is an effective way to do this. And when it comes to eye-catching signs, post and panel signs are a valuable addition to your space.

What Is a Post & Panel Sign?

Post and panel signs are outdoor freestanding signs. They are usually installed at a building entrance, along the road, or at intersections. These signs are made with one or two posts and single or multiple sign faces.

These can be customized in many ways to satisfy your business needs. The sign panels can be made into different shapes and sizes, with designs and colors that match your brand. You can also choose between one-sided or double-sided panels, depending on how much visibility you need.

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Types of Post & Panel Signs

The cost of post and panel signs usually depends on the type of sign you need. Here are some options you can consider for your Philadelphia business:

  • Aluminum Post and Panel Signs – these are the standard choice for post and panel signs. The sign face is made of an aluminum panel. It can either be engraved or installed with vinyl lettering and graphics.
  • Acrylic Panel Signs – these are made of a Plexiglas sign face (or another type of acrylic) and look chic and professional.
  • LED Post and Panel Signs – these business signs are an illuminated option for added visibility at all hours.

Uses for Post & Panel Signs

  • A Wayfinding sign is one of the most popular uses for post and panel signs. They are highly visible from the road and can effectively point customers toward your business.
  • Custom post and panel signs are excellent to use for branding because they are hard to miss Design them with your brand logo and other branding details. This way, each time customers look at the sign is an opportunity to build brand awareness.
  • Do you have a multi-tenant facility in the Philadelphia area? These signs can be designed to include multiple sign faces. They can display the names of other businesses occupying the building or establishment.
  • Post and panel signs are popularly used in the real estate industry. These outdoor signs can be used to mark new property developments. It’s an efficient way to showcase important details like the real estate agent’s name, contact information, and more.

Find a Reputable Commercial Sign Company

Post and panel signs are an impactful way to get your business noticed. They will help you attract the attention of people walking or driving by with an eye-catching sign outside your space.

In the Philadelphia area, businesses continue to trust Sunrise Signs. We are a full-service sign company that designs, creates, and installs your signage needs. We offer a wide range of sign solutions, from commercial post & panel signs to channel letters and more.

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