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Wall Murals

Custom Printed Wall Murals

Tell Your Unique Story with our Custom Wall Wraps and Murals

Transform your business interior in a unique and creative way using Philadelphia murals.


What is a wall mural?


These large, vinyl signs are personalized with your custom designs and can be created and installed to cover an entire wall or portion of a wall in your Philadelphia, New Jersey, or New York City business. They can take on any shape and include imagery, text, and other details to tie into your business needs.

If you’re looking to level up your interior spaces for customers, guests, and employees, consider wall murals for your business to be the answer.

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Business Wall Murals in Philadelphia / New Jersey / New York City

For quality Philadelphia, New Jersey, or New York City wall wrap and murals, connect with the professional team at Sunrise Signs. Together, we’ll work with you to refresh your space and create an exciting and welcoming business environment.

We’re a team that’s been helping businesses to achieve branding that shines along with attractive signs since 2008. If you’re looking for a hassle-free experience that makes it easy to get new signs, connect with us. We’ll walk you through the types of wall murals and discuss your project ideas to get started.

Design Ideas for Decorative Wall Murals

The options for incorporating interior wall murals in your facility are limitless.

Re-imagine your retail store or restaurant with murals that improve the customer experience. You’ll be able to set the mood and create just the right business environment with murals that are custom crafted to suit your business. Whether you’re looking to inject energy into your space or create calmness, murals can help you achieve just the right aesthetic.

Even in small spaces, murals are effective and can even create the illusion of more space. Consider 3D wall murals to add depth and make a small area appear larger. Color choice for your murals is also key to setting the tone for your business, especially to add brightness to dim business environments.

Gyms, salons, spas, libraries, and so many more businesses stand to benefit from interior wall murals. To talk about mural ideas for your business, connect with our team at Sunrise Signs.

Office Mural Ideas

The uses of wall murals extend to office environments as well. In your lobby, consider murals that create a welcoming space for clients and guests. You can use a mural to offer information about your company, a timeline of events, and more details – all in a decorative way.

Office wall murals don’t stop there. In your meeting rooms, gathering spaces, and even employee work areas, murals can help inject life into your business space, as well as inspire and inform employees.

Custom Wall Murals in Philadelphia, New Jersey and New York City

For completely custom business wall murals, reach out to us. Our team of expert designers will make your graphics pop and incorporate your branding where needed. We also use an advanced printing process for color-accurate signs using high-quality materials from major suppliers.

Custom murals and wraps are sure to stand out and help your business make a statement in Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York City.

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Wall Mural Installers in Philadelphia, PA

Take the next steps for your wall murals project and contact Sunrise Signs. We’ll work with you through the design and signage process so that it’s completely seamless. You’ll be able to remain focused on your business while our team manages to bring your murals to life.

We begin with discovery and planning to learn more about your business and how murals will help you achieve your marketing goals. You can rely on our team to manage your project from design to installation so that you’re not left searching for wall mural installers near you.

To get started request a quote on the cost of wall murals and check out our gallery of different signage projects with Sunrise Signs. We look forward to learning more about your company and helping your business shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few notable differences between wall murals and wallpaper. Wallpaper designs are usually embossed textures or surface prints. Wall mural designs, however, are digitally printed. This means you get more liberties when it comes to designs with wall murals than wallpaper. When you want versatility, wall murals are a better choice.

Wall murals are technically not permanent because they have an average lifespan of about 5 to 10 years. This also makes them not temporary. Wall murals use high-quality vinyl with strong adhesives that aren't easily peeled off. However, they can be removed when you need to switch out your signs.

Wall murals are an affordable and efficient way to transform any room or space. The cost to have them made depends on the type of vinyl used, the size of your mural, and the complexity of the design. Installation can also affect the cost. Feel free to contact us today for a free quote.

Wall murals can be made of several types of materials. The choice depends on your design and budget needs. Generally, they can be made with vinyl, fabric, latex, or laminate. The most widely used material, however, is vinyl. These allow for a more vibrant, digitally printed design on your wall murals.

Yes. At Sunrise Signs, we use advanced technology to digitally print your murals. Designs are rendered using a program to determine the perspective, printing size, and more. Printing the designs is like printing an image directly onto adhesive vinyl. These can then be laser-cut to create the size and design you need.

When you need a large vinyl mural, it's important to get the help of sign companies that do large-format printing. Standard printers can only print up to a certain size. There are large format printers that are specially intended for larger-than-normal print dimensions. For large-format printing services, contact Sunrise Signs today.

No, wall murals don't necessarily need to cover the entire wall. Coverage largely depends on how you want your mural to look. We can do partial wall murals wherein we cover specific areas of your wall spaces. We can also apply murals only to specific walls inside your store or office.

A vinyl mural is any type of mural that uses vinyl material. These are digitally printed, which means you can have any image, pattern, or design made to create the mural you need. Digital prints create sharp, vibrant results. These are applied to any wall space, completely changing its design.

Yes, wall murals can be removed. They are designed to adhere to your walls for years without the risk of peeling off. However, when needed, they can conveniently be removed without causing any damage to your walls. It's a great way to regularly update your indoor design to increase customer engagement.

Wall murals are generally easy to put up. Ideally, they can be done without the help of professional installers. However, certain steps need to be followed to ensure a seamless result. For your convenience, we have expert installers who can make sure that your wall murals have a clean, professional finish.