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Signs for Schools


Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Signs for Schools

Today’s schools require a number of options to provide direction and information to students, staff, and parents. Adding signage to your school property creates an inviting space for everyone who walks through the doors. Sunrise Signs has a variety of sign products that are ideal for the education sector, giving you options to fit your goals and your budget.

Digital Signage Creates an Interactive Environment

Digital signage for education gives you an interactive way to keep your students and staff informed. Digital outdoor signs can display pertinent announcements to keep parents informed of upcoming events, while indoor digital signs can display everything from the lunch menu to substitute information.

One of the best benefits of digital signage is the versatility it provides. When you invest in a digital sign for your school, you can change the display to say whatever you need. Are you celebrating a particular student accomplishment? Tell them “Congratulations” on your school sign. Do you have an upcoming holiday? Inform parents with your digital sign. 

Digital directional signage is a type of digital sign that provides direction to people as they make their way through your campus. From directory lists to digital maps, these provide the flexibility to change the sign when your teachers' room assignments or class schedules change. Sunrise Signs can help you determine which type of digital sign is best for your school's unique needs.

Monument Signs and Dimensional Letters Welcome People to Campus

While information is the primary purpose of many school signs, sometimes the goal is to create a professional environment and improve the look of your school. Monument signs are free-standing signs you place in front of your school to welcome people to campus. They typically include the name of your school and may include your school’s mascot or logo. Digital monument signage can provide a place to post announcements and special congratulatory messages as well.

Dimensional signs mount on the wall to create a three-dimensional display. Many schools will place their name and mascot on the exterior of their building, so everyone driving by knows exactly what school it is. You can also use these letters indoors to make an impactful statement by hanging them on interior walls to direct student attention to important areas of the school building. 

Indoor Signs Create Ambiance While Building Excitement

Inside signs can also benefit your school. Custom hanging banners printed to celebrate accomplishments or holidays dress up your school and grab students' attention. Wall murals and wall graphics take a boring wall and make it more colorful while also delivering the information your students or staff need to see. Sunrise Signs has a large selection of customizable signs and banners that will help you create an inviting school where kids are excited to participate in activities.

Many of the types of signs used in school have a dual purpose. They both deliver pertinent information and encourage excitement and engagement. Sunrise Signs will help you find the type of sign you need to direct and engage your students and staff. Reach out to our team to learn more about school signs.