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Vinyl Signs Philadelphia

Custom Vinyl Signs for Business in Philadelphia

Consider the wide-spanning possibilities to boost your Philadelphia business with vinyl signage. Thanks to the versatility of vinyl, its applications in signage are vast. From banners and decals to window signs indoors and out, there are plenty of options to use vinyl signs in your business. Plus, with the relatively low cost of vinyl signs, they’re a marketing tactic that you simply cannot pass up.

Looking for Vinyl Signs Near You?

For professional support in creating stand-out vinyl graphics signage in Philadelphia, turn to the team at Sunrise Signs. We’ve been supporting businesses since 2008 by transforming their customer experience and growing their business thanks to impressive signage. Plus, with our South Jersey location, we’re convenient for businesses in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Learn More About Your Options for Types of Vinyl Signs

You may be wondering, “What is vinyl signage?” and “What are the uses of vinyl signs?” especially if this is your first time considering your options. While vinyl is a versatile material for a range of signage types, it’s also a durable and quality choice for your signage needs indoors and out.

  • Vinyl wall signs: Indoors will transform your interior spaces with style. From murals and phrasing to graphics and other imagery, decorative walls will quickly inspire and inform people in your business. Whether you choose to cover an entire wall or add small graphics here and there, sharp designs and vivid printing will add just the right amount of flair to your space.
  • Vinyl office signs: Can motivate employees with phrasing about your core values as a business. You can also use vinyl to enhance privacy in offices with glass walls or windows. This type of signage is key in many industries, including law firms, banks, financial offices, medical clinics, and more.
  • Vinyl window signs: These will help you make use of valuable window space in your facility. At your entrance, you can pique the interest of passersby with details about your offerings. Whether you cover an entire window or simply display essential information that guests need, the versatility of vinyl is sure to deliver.

Don’t see the specific signage type that you’re looking for? Simply reach out to us to discuss your company’s signage needs.

Request a Quote on Vinyl Printing Near You

The process that we offer for Philadelphia signs is comprehensive. We believe in providing the very best service from the first step through to the final installation. We begin with a consultation to discover your brand. When you’re looking for a vinyl sign shop in Philadelphia, this first step is key. It’s during this stage that our team learns about the ins and outs of your company, your goals, and how our impressive signage can achieve your objectives.

From there, we manage all aspects of bringing your signage ideas to life so that you receive end-to-end support. With our expert team handling your project, you can remain focused on your business and leave sign-making to us.

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If you’re a Philadelphia business looking to learn more about vinyl sign printing or get started, simply reach out to us for a quote. We look forward to discovering your company and how our impressive signage solutions can help your business shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vinyl signage is any type of sign that is made with vinyl material. This can include signs with adhesive backings that can be applied to various surfaces like walls, floors, windows, and even vehicles. Vinyl signs are one of the most versatile kinds of signage.

The lifespan of vinyl signs varies depending on a few factors. This includes the type of vinyl sign, the quality of the vinyl used, and where they are placed. Vinyl banners and other vinyl signs used outdoors can last an average of 3-7 years while those used indoors can last more than 10 years. For the most accurate estimate, please contact us.

A few different types of vinyl can be used for signs. The choice depends on what type of sign you need. PVC is weatherproof and durable, usually used for vinyl banners. Cast or calendared vinyl are options for vehicle wraps. Adhesive vinyl is typically used for window, wall, and floor signs.

On average, vinyl printing can last 5-10 years without experiencing any signs of wear. However, fading does occur in some instances. This can happen especially for signs that are constantly exposed to sunlight and UV rays. Some colors, like bright reds and yellows, are also more susceptible to fading than others.

There is no specific kind of “permanent” vinyl. What makes your vinyl permanent is its intended use. If you want to wrap a vehicle or transform a wall, your vinyl will likely be permanent. But if you’re looking to bring attention to a specific promotion or create seasonal décor, it won’t be permanent.

Outdoor vinyl signs are designed to withstand various outdoor elements. They are typically made with more durable types of vinyl material, like PVC and calendared vinyl. On average, outdoor vinyl signs can last 5-10 years, longer when properly stored and cared for. Make sure to do regular maintenance to prolong its lifespan.

The cost of vinyl signs depends on the type of sign, type of vinyl used, size, and design. Usually, vinyl banners and vinyl adhesive sheets are priced per square foot. Vinyl lettering is usually priced per letter size. It's best to consult your local sign maker, like Sunrise Signs, to get an exact quote.

Vinyl decals and signs are usually priced based on the type of vinyl, size, and complexity of the design. The more intricate the details, the more time-consuming it is along with installation. This can affect the price. Most installers will charge by the hour when putting up your signs.

It's safe to say that all vinyl signs are water-resistant. However, not all vinyl signs are waterproof. Vinyl banners, for instance, are made with PVC vinyl which is waterproof. Stickers made out of adhesive vinyl, however, are only water-resistant but not waterproof. Let us know beforehand if you specifically need waterproof vinyl signs.

There are several brands of vinyl perfect to use for signage. However, the choice highly depends on your business and budget needs. In the market, Oracal is a brand that is widely used because of its durability, versatility, and more.