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Channel Letter Signs Philadelphia


Get ready to promote your Philadelphia business with prominent channel letter signs.

What is a channel letter? These signs are typically used to spell out a business name above their storefront. Storefront channel letters, with options for illumination, will help your business get noticed and command attention for your brand.

Looking for a Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer in Philadelphia, PA?

Look no further than Sunrise Signs for a range of options when it comes to channel letter signs for your business. We offer a complete signage process that covers everything you need to make your business shine with impressive signage. Our team will walk you through the steps that will bring your signage ideas to life and offer recommendations on materials, designs, mounting, and more factors that will make your business sign the most effective.

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Learn More About the Types of Channel Letters

Channel letters will help bring more attention to your business in Philadelphia. To command the most attention, you have some options for your signage colors, fonts, lighting, and more factors. Our team will learn more about your intended uses for channel letters to recommend what will be most effective. It’s all part of our process to work with you in crafting signage that helps your business shine.

Some of your signage options include:

  • Halo-lit channel letters
  • LED channel letter signs
  • Reverse channel letters

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Request a Quote on the Cost of Channel Letters in Philadelphia

At Sunrise Signs, you’ll appreciate our premium signs with fantastic value. We never cut corners on quality for low prices. As our customer, you’ll benefit from our expert designers that will bring your ideas to life, quality materials from major suppliers, and an advanced printing process for signs that are color accurate.

We can’t wait to show you what we have in mind for your business. Request a quote from us to get started.

Choose Custom Channel Letter Signs in Philadelphia

A sure way to set your business apart is with custom channel letters. These signs will be custom-crafted to reflect the unique identity of your brand so that your business stands out.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to custom signage, so we’ll develop a custom signage strategy to address the unique needs of your business. From there, you can rely on our team to manage all the steps that will bring your signage to life, through to the final installation. It’s all part of our fulsome process that allows you to remain focused on your business.

Contact Us Today for Channel Letters “Near You” in Philadelphia

Get started in crafting impressive channel letters for your business by connecting with us at Sunrise Signs. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for your business. Connect with us to request a detailed consultation and quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses can use channel letters in many different ways. Outdoors, these signs are popularly used to display a business's name on its building or storefront, making it easy to spot. They can also be put on freestanding signs like monument signs and pylon signs. Indoors, channel letters are great as lobby signs, wall signs, and the like.

Channel letters can be customized to match the exact font of your company logo. However, with logos that have graphics, we use the same method to create different shapes and forms. We can also do a polycarbonate front or vinyl overlay if an image is needed on the front face.

We offer several mounting options for channel letters. Flush mounting is the most common where the letters are attached directly to the building. Raceway mounting is when the letters are attached to a raceway before mounting to the building.

Channel letters on signs refer to the three-dimensional letters that form a word or phrase to display your message. Often, these are used to display your business name and logo. Channel letters are made with either aluminum, acrylic, or both. They can be used as storefront signs, monument signs, pylon signs, and more.

Channel letters are usually made of aluminum and acrylic material. The back part and returns (or sides) are usually made with a flat aluminum sheet that's laser-cut to create the design you need. The front is typically made with acrylic material. This allows light to shine through when you choose lighted signage.

Reverse channel letters are often also referred to as backlit and halo-lit channel letters. These are illuminated channel letters with the light installed at the back of the sign. It is then installed away from its mounting surface. This gives the sign a glow or "halo" around each letter when lit.

Flush mount channel letters are also referred to as direct mounts. These are mounted directly onto the wall or surface. Typically, the power supply or electrical elements are set up behind the walls. This makes your sign look seamless and professional, especially with the power source hidden behind the wall or surface.

With the most common channel letter sign types, the LED lights are found within the sign. This lights up the front face of your sign, giving it a bright, vibrant look. However, LEDs can also be installed at the back of your sign. This creates a warm glow at the back of each letter.

The cost of channel letter signs varies depending on multiple elements. This includes the type of sign, size, design, number of letters, and more. The installation plays a part in the overall cost. It's best to contact your local sign maker to get an exact quote. Contact Sunrise Signs today.

The most popular way is direct mounting. The letters are mounted directly onto the building surface. We can also mount the letters onto a raceway before attaching them to the wall surface.