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Wall Decals Philadelphia

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Add branding throughout your Philadelphia business with creative custom wall decals.

What is a wall decal? It’s a type of wall sign that you can apply to smooth surfaces in your facility for marketing, decoration, and general information. The decals are made of vinyl, which is a versatile and durable material, allowing you to have your designs digitally printed and applied within your business.

Before you know it, you’ll have added hints of your branding to various spaces in your facility to improve your business environment for customers, clients, guests, and employees.






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Business Wall Graphics in Philadelphia

To ensure you receive quality graphics and professional installation for your decals, you need a reliable signage partner working with you. Sunrise Signs is your trusted choice.

We’ve been helping customers increase their brand presence and create attractive signs since 2008. When you choose us as your signage partner, you’ll benefit from the support of our professional team. We’ll walk you through the types of wall decals as well as the various uses of wall decals that can be applied within your business.

We offer premium graphics with fantastic value, as well as a team with a track record of helping businesses generate leads. To learn more and connect with us, schedule a call.

Uses of Wall Decals in Your Philadelphia Business

Decals for walls can be used in your lobby, reception area, hallways, work areas, meeting rooms, and so many more spaces.

Consider showcasing your business logo when people enter your business to introduce your brand. You can further inform guests with vinyl wall decals that display information about your company and offerings. You may wish to showcase product details, your company tagline, and more to establish your brand presence.

Then, throughout your business, you can add additional graphics to enhance your business. Choose from fonts, colors, and images that align with your branding to add touch points throughout your facility and communicate with guests.

Office Wall Graphics

Vinyl wall graphics in your office can be created to inspire and motivate employees, while also informing clients. In work areas, consider displaying your company values and/or encouraging phrases to support your employees. In other spaces, such as meeting areas and board rooms, source wall graphics near you to display details of your company's history, milestones, awards, and other achievements. You’ll be able to educate clients about what makes your business remarkable.

No matter where you place your graphics, they’re bound to augment your business décor. Choosing colors, fonts, and images that align with your marketing will help your signs stand out positively. You’ll create a cohesive look within your facility that always connects back to your brand.

Get Started with Wall Decals Near You

Ready to discuss your wall decals project? Reach out to our team to begin discovery and planning for your signs. We look forward to hearing more about your business and what you have in mind. You’re invited to schedule a call with us to discuss the goals for your project and also request a quote on the cost of wall decals.

We offer premium graphics with fantastic value, along with expert designers who know how to make your signs stand out. Our team has a proven track record, and we can’t wait to help you create powerful visual experiences with your signs.

Our South Jersey location is convenient to businesses in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and south eastern Pennsylvania. So, rather than searching for wall graphic installers in New Jersey or wall decal printing in Philadelphia, PA, you can reach out to us to bring your project to life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First the wall must be cleaned, and the surface smoothed. You want to make sure the surface is also dry. Then you put up a piece of tape (also called a hanger) and position your graphic where you want it. The back layer is removed, and the adhesive is slowly pressed against the wall and smoothed out with a squeegee or roller so there are no air bubbles.
Vinyl wall graphics are graphics you can stick up on your wall. It could be a full-size wall mural, or it could be a wall decal. They have an adhesive on the back and are easy to install and remove.
You can use wall graphics to advertise your brand orto create a more inviting atmosphere. They can also have quotes, slogans, or rules and regulations printed on them. You can print any information you want to post on the wall onto wall graphics.
Stickers are generally more basic and only have two layers, while decals have three layers. In truth, decals are like stickers: they are both removable graphics that stick to surfaces with an adhesive. However, decals are made of higher quality materials and are safer to use on walls.

A: It all depends on how big the graphic is and what type of material you want. The complexity of the design is also a factor in price. Some vinyl is more expensive than others. A full-wall mural, for example, would cost a lot more than a small decal. Contact our team of experts to get an estimate.

Some vinyl is waterproof, but most wall graphics are only water resistant. They should have no problem holding up if water is splashed on them, but it’s not a good idea to blast them with a pressure cleaner.

If they are removed properly there should be no wall damage. If you removed them forcefully or improperly, there is a chance that some of the paint on the wall will be damaged. At Sunrise Signs, we have experts that know how to install graphics without causing any damage, and we’re more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can reach us at 856-456-1809 or contact us on our web page.

Wall decals typically have a life span of 5-7 years. It all depends on if they are taken care of properly, and where they are placed. Generally, they should last at least 5 years, unless someone tries to purposely damage them.

They can be used in advertising which is extremely beneficial in attracting customers if the proper design is employed. They can also be used around a business, restaurant, or shop and create an atmosphere that is inviting: people are attracted to art and will want to come into your business.

Yes, that is a great quality of wall decals. They are inexpensive and easy to remove if they need to be replaced.

A window graphic is like a wall decal, but they are placed on windows. You can even get perforated window decals that you can see out your windows while passersby will see your graphics on the other side These are suitable for vehicle windows since they don’t obstruct the driver's view.
Yes, just like a wall decal, it is easy to remove window decals.