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Vehicle Wraps Drive Sales Where Billboards and Signs Cannot

Skip the Billboard and Invest in Vehicle WrapsWhen thinking about your advertising plan this year, have you considered vehicle wraps and graphics? Perhaps you should because vehicle wraps will drive more sales than billboards and we’ll tell you why!

Alone Again, Naturally

Okay so we might be making fun of that old Gilbert O’Sullivan song, Alone Again, but with billboards, they really are out there, all alone—stationary—waiting for someone to pass by and notice them. And, more importantly, the location of where billboards can be placed in large cities can be a challenge.

Even if you get a prized spot, you’ll spend a lot for the billboard skin itself, the installation and yep, that horrid monthly rental fee.

Cost Effective Vehicle Wrap Advertising PhiladelphiaOr worse, what if you invest in just part of a billboard? Which ad will the consumer remember?

The Case for Wrapping

What if you took that same billboard and put it on wheels. Wouldn’t that be great if you could just move it around from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of consumers that want your product or service?

Now you can and it’s nothing new, it is vehicle wraps and graphics that do the trick. They become your moving billboard on wheels that advertise 365 days a year.

Check out this graphic we got from

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Better Than Billboards 

Even for the cheaper Midwestern town, a billboard can range from $3,000 to $4,000 for FOUR WEEKS of advertising. Imagine that cost annually! Can your business afford that?

How much do vehicle wraps cost vs. billboardsThat’s probably why most of the billboard we do see are from larger corporations that can afford them.

On the other hand, one wrapped vehicle can cost around $3,000 and the vinyl on that vehicle will last up to five years. That's five years of advertising for only $3,000.

Making a Great Impression

Let's talk cost per impressions. Just one wrapped vehicle can garner up to 70,000 visual views in just one day. 

A company that sells billboards admits that they can achieve a "range of 20,000 to 50,000 (Impressions) per location per day." Hmmm? It's not hard to see who wins the cost per impression game here.

Let's Talk Demographics!

Once again, we hate to bring up O'Sullivan again but billboards stay in one place, alone. They hope to reach the right demographic. Sure you could put a health insurance billboard outside a hospital, that might work but how many small businesses can afford to do that?

Vehicle wrap advertising reaches every demographic. How about some examples?

  • Preschool Wraps - So a child sees a vibrantly wrapped preschool van and tells his mom. Bingo!
  • Contractor Graphics - Your on the job, working at the home of client. Their neighbor sees your wrapped work truck. They ask about you and you'll probably get the job.
  • Companies that benefit from vehicle wrapsDelivery Wraps - A holiday is approaching and a guy can't think of a single florist. If your delivery van is wrapped they will remember you. 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the graphics they saw.
  • Product Promotion Wraps - You want to sell something. Put it on a car and see how fast the telephone starts ringing.
  • Restaurant Wraps - You own a restaurant or catering business. Want to reel in the hungry? Wrap your vehicles.

These are just a few examples that do show the power of mobile marketing. We've designed, fabricated and installed vehicle wraps for all of the above. What's really cool is our clients call us back and tell them how much the wraps are working.

But I Have Signs!

Find the Best Vehicle Wraps for South JerseyOkay so we're a sign company and we sell signs. Business signs work. They brand your business both outside and inside. Products like wall murals can turn your interiors into amazing atmospheres. But your signs do not travel. They too are stationary. 

Convinced that vehicle wraps drive sales where billboards and signs cannot? We figured.

You're just a click away from the most wonderful advertising tool ever!

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