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What Is the Strongest Marketing Tool to Reach Local Demographics?

Posted on Mon, Sep, 22, 2014

Vehicle Wraps South JerseyOpen your email and you’ll find tons of offers and suggestions telling you which local marketing tools are the most advantageous and why. While social media is often mentioned, dive a little deeper and you’ll find marketers are talking about paid ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Advertising is not free, but it is a strong part of any company’s expense budget. Still there is one tool you can employ that is guaranteed to reach your local demographics.

The Tool? Vehicle Wraps

Of course, you’d expect a commercial sign company to push vehicle wraps. But in South Jersey, they really are a unique, custom, affordable and innovative way to reach consumers in your area and for very good reasons. The most important thing for today’s business owner is reaching the local customer right?

You can try PPC or display ads as long as the company you choose knows how to gear your online ads locally. With vehicle wraps, South Jersey businesses don’t have to worry about whether their ad (the graphics) will be seen—each wrapped vehicle has the possibility to gain up to 70,000 visual impressions per day.

Don’t Online Ads Reach a Bigger Audience?

Strongest marketing tool South JerseyIf you’re researching PPC or display ads, you’ll probably read statistics on how they are guaranteed to reach hundreds of thousands—even millions based on the targets you choose. But are those hundreds of thousands the right people? Are they the consumers most likely to buy your product or service?

Online ad campaigns can be very effective if done correctly, but one problem many business owners face is what company should I choose to run a Google Adwords campaign? What organization will know how and where to ensure my display ads show up?

Final ad performance reports may look exciting—outrageous really, but again, are you reaching the consumer that will invest disposable income into your products—the local consumer?

Reach Your Local Market Successfully

Vehicle graphics don’t discriminate. They reach the young, the old, males and females, and those in all economic ranges. They don’t use metrics or algorithms. And, just by driving your company vehicles wrapped with graphics revealing your brand, your cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks will get noticed.

Reach Your South Jersey market with vehicle wrapsSome visual views are very conscious where others are subconscious. What do we mean by that? Vehicle graphics can be wildly customized and instantly eye-grabbing—these are seen and remembered—even talked about: “Did you see ABC Plumbing’s vehicle?”

Then there is the subconscious reach. Graphics that display essential information about your business and what you do. Stopped in traffic and on city streets and highways, these vehicle wraps place the name of your company inside local consumer’s minds. A water break or a broken hot water heater and the viewers of your graphics will think: “ABC Plumbing serves my/our area.”

A display ad these local consumers may see on Facebook or YouTube might be for a plumbing company in another county or city—not your area. See the difference?

Aren’t Online Ads Cheaper Than Vehicle Graphics?

You may also think vehicle graphics too expensive. Your argument may go something like this when comparing their cost to PPC and display ads:

  • I can set a daily budget so I never spend more than I want to.
  • I can bid on keywords and still stay within reason as far as the expense of the ads.
  • Best local marketing tools for South JerseyI’ll wait and see the results of my display ads before I look at vehicle graphics.
  • My online marketing company assures me my online ads are reaching consumers.
  • I just reviewed my monthly report and I’ve reached 1.5 million people in New Jersey!

Again, “New Jersey” is not “South Jersey.” There are approximately 8.8 million people in New Jersey. Your online ad efforts (and expense) may reach more North or Central Jersey consumers. Or worse, they may be reaching potential clients outside your service area.

Consider this statistic: A business would have to pay $130,000 in ad dollars to achieve the same effect as just one $3,500 wrapped vehicle.

A well set-up Google Adwords campaign where keyword bidding is recommended to compete with your competitors can be very costly. You might begin with a $3,000 investment and by the time the campaign is over, you’re final expense is over $10,000—or more. And, did those ads make the phone ring? Are you tracking them to see how new clients have found you?

On the other hand, vehicle wraps do reach locals and most consumers invest in local businesses that are within five to ten miles from where they live or work.

We’re not saying you should abandon online ad efforts or marketing methods like local newspaper ads or radio ads. Do employ these but also ask ad reps how they can guarantee the right consumers are seeing your ads.


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By using vehicle wraps, South Jersey businesses of all kinds are guaranteed to reach the demographics they desire. Invest in your business with vehicle graphics and then compare which marketing tools are working best—we bet the graphics on your company vehicles win the battle.

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