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Tips to Display Corporate Achievement Walls Using Acrylic, Graphics and Signs

The all-important corporate achievement wall ideas! We bet you may already have one in your corporate offices or headquarters. Dare we say that some of these walls might look like this:

Tips for designing corporate achievement walls

While we love the vinyl graphics in the text area, there's just something about all those "sticky" notes that just don't pull off a corporate achievement wall in a professional way. Not that this wall isn't fun but we've come up with some tips on how to design your achievement wall using acrylic, graphics and signs.

Show and Tell: Achievement Wall Ideas

Corporate Achievement Wall Graphics and Signs

This achievement wall offers a lot of visual information. Each digital print is full of graphics and they include the letters of the company (Valspar). These could also be made using canvas prints or applying vinyl graphics to acrylic and mounting them on the wall. Not only is the corporate name there for all to see, essential tidbits of the company and its achievements are also there.

A Little Branding Is Always Good

Corporate History Wall Using Graphics and Signs

This may be for a smaller company but we like the idea. A cabling system holds the imagery and the graphics truly inspire one to stop and take it all in. They are branding, they are teaching and they are also telling viewers who they are and what they do and believe in. Again sign prints or graphics on acrylic work nicely for these types of achievement walls.

That Spark of Color

Graphics and signs for Corporate Achievement Walls

Now here's an example of a corporate achievement wall that uses both text and imagery. You can tell this organization is about healthcare immediately from the graphic displayed. Blocks of colour and text tell the story with a company logo centrepiece and bits of their logo placed here and there for an eye-grabbing design.

Find the Name--It's There!

Corporate wall graphics and signs

LinkedIn has outdone itself here! Using graphic images of their New York City offices, they have turned a wall into the story of the building they occupy--and their name is clearly displayed in the image architecture. Well done we think!

Shadow Boxes and Acrylic

Examples of corporate achievement walls using graphics and signs

Via the use of shadow boxes, graphics, a cabling system and acrylic, Zurich has created the ultimate corporate achievement wall. It tells their story, what they do and the imagery provides the viewer with what Zurich stands for. One would be hard-pressed to not take a glance at this wall.

So, it's time to take those employees of the month pictures off the wall and add an achievement wall that is inspirational, vibrant and above all, memorable!

Ready to redesign your achievement wall?

Ask Us About Corporate Achievement Walls Using Graphics & Signs!

Image Credits: The Line Media / History Donor Walls / As Hanging Display Systems / Print Leader / Slate Magazine






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