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Branded Spaces 101

Have you considered how your business interior is impacting your on-site experience? When it comes to exciting your customers and motivating employees, you cannot afford to miss out on creating an engaging space. The good news is that branded spaces will be effective in this regard.

  • For customers, branding throughout your facility will not only look great, but it can help boost your brand recognition and differentiate your location from your competitors.
  • For employees, a branded business environment will transform bland work areas into engaging spaces to support your team’s productivity and morale.

You can help achieve these objectives in your business by implementing an effective design for branded spaces that involves many types of professional indoor business signs. This includes signage personalized with your company’s unique colors, logo, and more. These signs are a powerful tool, helping you create an impressive interior for everyone who enters.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you consider branding your space:

Define How Your Brand Will Look in the Workplace

As you begin working on your branded space, it’s important to determine what type of message or emotion you want your interior space to convey. When people enter, are you looking to establish a mood that’s creative, energetic, and full of excitement? Or does your brand align more with a sleek, calm, sophisticated vibe?

Consider Your Branding Sign Placement Options

You can begin implementing your brand in the workplace by looking at your existing real estate. Blank walls, muted windows, and flooring can be transformed into creative expressions of your brand. Take inventory of the spaces available to you— along with their size, lighting, and existing design elements— for implementing your branding and company signage.

Bring Your Branded Spaces to Life with Impressive Signage

Now that you know where you plan to integrate your branding in the workplace, it’s time to consider how you can inject life into those spaces. Lobby logo signs, company timelines and graphics, wall murals, and window graphics are just a few of the many branding sign options available. You could even start small with a basic branding project, such as vinyl door signs.

Focus on Cohesion and Unity Among Your Workspaces

The key to ensuring your design for branded spaces is effective, is consistency. Alignment between your space and your brand strategy is important to ensure you’ve captured the correct colors, fonts, and logos in your workplace. So, too, is a consistent approach throughout your facility. This cohesion is what will create the most powerful impact when people enter and boost your brand recall effectively.

Work with a Trusted Partner for Branding Your Space

At Sunrise Signs, we’re here to help businesses in the Philadelphia, PA area with interior branding guidance. Our team will walk you through how to use branding and personalized signs to present a cohesive look for your company.

We’re committed to helping you bring your vision to life and making your business shine with impressive workplace branding in Philadelphia, PA.

Book a free consultation today to get started.

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