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3 Types of Truck Signage That Will Grow Your Business

You have a sign for your business, but what about signs on your fleet of trucks?  Also called vehicle wraps and graphics, truck signs are the most cost effective form of advertising there is for any service oriented business.  Truck signs help your customer's identify your vehicles around town and create strong first impressions when they arrive at the job site.  Additionally, truck signs are one the most important steps in creating and establishing your advertising brand.  Here we'll take a look at the three most common types of truck signs and how they can help grow and expand your business.  

Fleets with truck signs grow business and engage your customers

Spot Graphics

Spot graphics are when cut vinyl letters and printed images are applied on your trucks.  Cut lettering is great for things like your business name, services, and other legally required information like GVW and DOT numbers.  This lettering is usually paired with a few printed images like your business logo, colored accent strips, or pictures related to the services your company provides.  

Philadelphia Truck Signs

Cut lettering, logos, and services are the core elements of spot graphics

Spot graphics are a great entry level option for truck signage and advertising.  At a minimum when customers see your truck with spot graphics, they’ll know what your business name is, how to contact you, and what you’re able to offer them.  Adding in printed images like logos and accent strips allow your trucks to visually “pop” a little more and help your vehicle fleet stand out from the competition.  Spot graphics are also great for helping you established a branded fleet by adding consistency lettering and graphics to your trucks on the road.

South Jersey Truck Graphics

Color accents and images can be used to enhance spot graphics


- Cost effective

- Entry level branding opportunities

- Adds some consistency to truck fleets


Limited creative potential

- Basic design options

- Smaller impressions on customers


Partial Wraps

Partial Wraps are when a portion of your truck is wrapped with vinyl with additional cut lettering and images added in.  Compared to spot graphics, partial wraps give you a lot more creative options when it comes to designing your trucks signage.  Anything we can design on a computer can be printed and put on your fleet of trucks. This allows you to put things like backgrounds, patterns, and pictures of your completed projects on your fleet of trucks.

South Jersey Van Wraps

Part wrap, part printed graphics, all branding

Partial truck wraps will often feature a full wrap on the bed and tailgate or wrapped elements between the doors.  When your trucks are branded with partial wraps, you’re going to be making a much stronger impression on your customers when compared to spot graphics.  Partial wraps allow you to start adding large swatches of color and other branding elements to your vehicle fleet, creating a more memorable and recognizable local business brand.

South Jersey Partial Truck Wrap

A half circle band is a popular design layout for partial truck wraps



- More creative branding options

- Flexible investment based on overall coverage

- Allows for full digital printing and large images


- Creative print design limited to wrapped areas

- Need to work with original paint color on truck


Full Wraps

South Jersey Pickup Truck Wrap

Your customers will turn their heads at a full truck wrap

Full wraps and without a doubt the most powerful form of truck signage you can have.  Full wraps are exactly that - a full vinyl wrap that covers your entire truck. This is the kind of sign that makes your customers turn their heads and notice you.  Since everything on the truck gets wrapped, there’s no limit to the creative design potential for your wrap. Like partial wraps you can apply interesting backgrounds and patterns, but now these design elements can span your entire vehicle, they can fade and transition as they move along the body of your vehicle.  

South Jersey Full Truck Wrap

You can change the color of your fleet and completely rebrand with full wraps

Full wraps also let you cover your windows with perforated vinyl.  This material acts like one way glass, letting you print and design on the outside, while still being able to see out from the inside of your truck.  Full wraps also provide you a rare opportunity to change the color and branding of your fleet. Since every area of your truck gets covered, you can turn a mismatched, discolored fleet into a sparkling new lineup of professionally branded vehicles.  


- Biggest customer impression

- Unlimited creative design potential

- Can completely change and rebrand look of fleet


Larger investment

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Now that you've seen the different types of truck signs and how they help your business, what are you waiting for?  Click the link below to schedule a completely free consultation to discuss the best kind of truck signs for your business.  

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