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Tips to Display Corporate Achievement Walls Using Acrylic, Graphics and Signs

Posted on Tue, Jul, 14, 2015

The all-important corporate achievement wall! We bet you may already have one in your corporate offices or headquarters. Dare we say that some of these walls might look like this:

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3 Non-Profit Graphics You Need in Your Lobby

Posted on Tue, Jul, 07, 2015

The lobby of every non-profit must convey your purpose—almost immediately.  While the colorful brochures you have are there for perusal (and for the taking), graphic visuals will attract the eyes of potential donors much faster.  Below find the three most important types of non-profit graphics to put in your reception area.

1. Donor Trees


Visitors and potential donors will want to see a vibrant donor tree right inside your reception area. Even as a non-profit, you will also have business partners and committee members that desire these in a huge way. Donors want to see their names and their level of contribution and potential contributors want to see how their names will be displayed. In the above example, a vinyl three-dimensional wall mural using inserts is just one way to convey you care about your donors--of all kinds.

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Using Wall Graphics and Murals in Your Corporate Fitness Center

Posted on Tue, Jun, 30, 2015

Today’s corporations are offering more than just break rooms. They now have comfort areas, childcare centers and fitness centers. While offering your employees a place to work out right inside your building is an awesome idea, brightening the space is more amazing using wall graphics and murals.

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Making Your Break Room Comfortable with Graphics and Imagery

Posted on Mon, Jun, 22, 2015

The break room is back and it’s not full of tin lunch pails and vending machines. Companies are turning break and lunch rooms into comfy places where employees feel they really are getting a “break” from the workday. Turning your room into something special inspires employees, makes them feel like you care, and sends them back to their workspaces reenergized!

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Using Signs and Graphics in Your Lobby to Promote Your Company Culture

Posted on Wed, Jun, 17, 2015

What room or area is more important than your lobby? These days, corporations are using signs and graphics in their lobbies to not just promote corporate culture, but to tell a story. This is being achieved by wall murals, graphics, acrylic displays and dimensional letters.

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Promoting Mission, Vision, and Core Value Statements for Non Profit Organizations

Posted on Tue, Jun, 02, 2015

For non-profit organizations, it’s essential to have your vision and mission statements not just on your website, brochures and fundraising materials, but also inside your place of business. The same is true for your core value statement. Why is this so important for non-profits? Donors and investors want to know your values, goals and ideals if you want them to buy in monetarily. 

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What Are Core Value Statements and How to Promote Them

Posted on Fri, May, 29, 2015

Every corporation has a vision and mission statement, but what about the company’s core values? Think of these as a set of values that not only follow your vision and mission but define it to the point if you decided to sell your enterprise, the business would still remain the same—in theory at least.

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Graphic Design Mission Statement Examples

Posted on Tue, May, 26, 2015

Where is your corporate mission statement? Is it buried deep on your website? Or, perhaps it’s inside your corporate book along with your corporate seal? Maybe it’s in a frame you got at a big box store behind your counter, in a conference room or in the lobby? Step into the 21st century! Mission statements are meant to be seen!

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Ideas to Graphically Promote Your Tech Startup Corporate Culture

Posted on Wed, May, 20, 2015

Ideas to graphically promote your tech startup corporate cultureWhen one thinks of “tech startups” they might think of Silicon Valley, or other tech-powered cities like Austin or any town that has been blessed with Google Fiber. Some other cities with the power of Google Fiber include Atlanta, Charlotte, Kansas City, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham and in Utah, Provo and Salt Lake City.

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What is the Difference Between a Mission and Vision Statement?

Posted on Thu, May, 14, 2015

Every business needs a vision and a mission statement, but what’s the difference between the two? It’s pretty simple really if you look at the purpose of each. A vision statement is the “what” your company will do. A mission statement is the “how” you will accomplish your vision. Let’s look at some examples and why it’s important to keep both of these statements visible inside your business—accessible to all.

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