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What You Need to Know About Pylon Signage

Pylon signs are freestanding signs typically used to identify a business or mark the entrance to a commercial or industrial property. These can be single-sided or double-sided and are usually made out of metal, plastic, or wood.

These signs are one of the most highly visible sign options in the market. They are often used together with other forms of signage. In some cases, pylon and pole signs may be illuminated. This makes them even more visible and eye-catching. They are an effective way to promote your business and make it easy for customers to find your location.

What Makes Pylon Signs Unique?

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting outdoor sign solution, pylon and pole signs should be your top choice. When these signs are developed, they are made with the highest standards. For this reason, these signs are considered to be top-notch when it comes to quality and effectiveness.

Pylon and pole signs are known for their height. No other signage towers over other surrounding signs and structures. These make pylons ideal for highways and locations visible along interstate roads. Their height makes it easier to spot them even from a far distance.

These signs are often illuminated. This gives them 24-hour visibility, perfect for businesses that are open even at night. Convenience stores, gas stations, and restaurants are the top users of these signs.

Benefits of Having Pylon Signage

  • Increased visibility. These signs are extremely visible, even from a distance. They are perfect for businesses that want to increase their visibility and be showcased to potential customers.
  • Pylons can be customized to fit your specific needs and branding requirements. You can choose the size, shape, color, and material of your sign. This makes it easy to create a unique look that reflects your brand identity.
  • These signs are designed to withstand the elements and last for many years with minimal maintenance.
  • Pylon and pole signs can be used for a variety of purposes. These are great for marking the entrance to your property, identifying your business, or directing traffic flow.
  • Cost-Effective. Pylon sign costs may see like a significant investment in the beginning. However, the rewards you get from these signs eventually pay for the cost. As a result, they become a cost-effective solution for businesses that want to increase their visibility.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in the Philadelphia Area

As a successful business, it’s important to choose signs that are worth your investment. Pylon and pole signs are great examples of signs sure to make your business stand out.

At Sunrise Signs, we take your investments seriously by producing high-quality sign solutions. Our signs are always made with premium materials and advanced technology. This ensures we create signs that remain attractive and last years.

Want to know more about pylons, design options, pylon sign costs, and more? Contact us today and get a free consultation.

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