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How to Finance Vehicle Wraps and Rebrand Your Fleet

How to finance vehicle wraps and rebrand your fleetPutting your vehicle fleet’s “best tire forward” is essential in the branding and marketing game. In fact, any fleet that is full of non-descript trucks, vans, cars or SUVs isn’t on the radar. Part of the reason even a smaller fleet owner may skip the vehicle wraps is the expense. But what if you could finance your fleet wraps?

Why Vehicle Wraps?

Some of the best reasons to consider this branding tool include:
  • Cheaper than any other form of advertising including TV, radio or print ads.
  • 95 Percent of consumers surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw.
  • Vehicle graphics don’t have singular demographics—everyone sees them as your fleet vehicles drive the city streets and highways in your service area—even if that’s nationwide.
  • Wrapping more than one vehicle is cheaper and more cost-effective.
  • It’s been reported that a business would have to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to achieve the same effect as a single $3,500 vehicle wrap.
  • Once wrapped, your fleet becomes a 24/7 moving billboard reflecting the brand of your business.

Fleet vehicle wraps financingIt’s simply smart to wrap your fleet and that can include anything from spot graphics to partial wraps to vehicle vinyl lettering to full vehicle wraps. There’s a package for every fleet, no matter what the size. But what about paying for those graphics?

Vehicle Wrap Financing

We’ve pulled together some ways to finance your fleet vehicle wraps—some conventional, some a little unique. We suggest you try:

Bank Loans

You’ve got business accounts and if you’ve been with one financial institution for a while, ask them for a loan. Your fleet vehicles are one of the largest assets your business possesses. And, because they are assets, chances are a bank will look at you enhancing the fleet much as they would an equipment loan.

SBA Loans

Small business loans from the SBA are there for a reason. One attractive loan is their Microloan. Unlike their 7(a) loans, which are usually for land or entire business start-ups, the Microloan is set up so you can get the money faster and repay it quicker. Keep in mind the SBA doesn’t not lend money, they guarantee the loan and the money will be financed through a local band or financing institution.


Fleet vehicle wraps nationwideThis is a non-profit lender. Most cities have an economic development center. However, think of Accion as your “nationwide resource” for loans. What they do is obtain some information about why you need the money and then find a lender that meets your needs. Of course you’ll have to meet the lender’s requirements as well.

Credit Cards

Call your corporate credit card carrier and ask if they offer credit for equipment or asset loans. American Express offers this service but the rates are different than what you pay for corporate credit card charges. Some companies may have a higher APR while others will have a lower interest rate. Again, your credit history with the company is essential if you want to get approved. Before you decide to just use your corporate card to pay for the fleet vehicle wraps all at once, check with your carrier or read your agreement. Why? They may consider this as an equipment or asset purchase and might have different terms than just having the sign company swipe your card.

Alternative Sources

In addition to some of the above ways to finance your fleet vehicle wraps, these days there are some alternative solutions:


Fleet vehicle wraps South JerseyFundbox works by looking at your accounts receivables (outstanding invoices) and pays you upfront so you have cash flow. Loan amounts are based on how big your receivables are. This extra cash is a great way to pay for fleet graphics. There are fees involved so be sure to learn all you can about this financing source from their website before opening an account.


With Kabbage, you first have to link a business account—checking, PayPal, eBay or Amazon (there are others) to their website. They offer loans from $10,000 to $300,000 and repayment times can be as short as six months. Payments are automatically withdrawn from your linked account on a monthly basis. Be sure to check their fee schedule and only request a loan for the amount you’ll need for your fleet vehicle wraps. Again, we recommend reviewing their website, terms and conditions.


Fleet vehicle wraps PhiladelphiaOnDeck is much like applying for a conventional loan at a bank, however, everything is done online and you’re provided the funds via ACH wiring into your corporate bank account. After they review your application they pick a loan size that fits your vehicle wrap financing needs. Learn more about how this funding site works from their website.


If your business has a PayPal account and you have a history of a lot of transactions (money going in and out), they also offer small business loans you can use for any purpose you wish. This specific program is called their Capital Loan Program—learn more on their website.

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