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Vehicle Wrap Templates for the Nissan NV200

Vehicle wrap templates for the Nissan NV200Have a prospective client with a Nissan NV200 that wants a vehicle wrap design? Lost on where to find vehicle wraps templates for the NV200 or need help with wholesale vehicle wrap printing—maybe even installation? Grab that client because here, you’ll find the best places to get templates you need for new and older model years.

A Little About the Nissan NV200

This nifty van is what calls, “The new taxi for New York City.” Not only are they recommending one can use it as a contractor work vehicle, they also say it’s good for carrying tools and supplies. It’s also a smart vehicle for caterers or florists. Since it’s built on a car platform, darting around busy city streets is a breeze.

Nissan NV200 Vehicle WrapsWhat buyers will like most about this van is its gas mileage—24 mpg for city streets and 25 mpg on highways. It has a wheel base of 115.2-inches, front-wheel drive, a 2.0L 4 cylinder inline engine and the torque on this van is 139 foot-pounds at 4800 rpm.

Standard in the Nissan NV200 are driver’s side lumbar seats, a 5-year/100,000 warranty, vinyl or cloth seats and rear folding seats. It comes with cruise control, tilt steering, and an AM/FM radio with two speakers. It’s also available in five different colors but for most looking to use the van as a work van, Brilliant Silver or Fresh Powder white are the top two colors.

For the graphic designer, this van has a length of 186.3-inches, a height of 73.7 inches and width of 68.1 inches so there’s room to come up with a stunning design no matter what type of industry your client is in. But where to get those vehicle wrap templates!

Download Vehicle Wrap Information Kit

The Bad Wrap

Nissan NV200 vehicle templates from The Bad WrapThe Bad Wrap offers three Nissan NV200 vehicle wrap templates and each will cost you only $29.99. All of their templates are sized from pictures taken by professional photographers and they offer up angles of the top (hood, trunk and roof), the passenger and driver’s side and the front and rear. To use these templates you’ll need to have Photoshop for Flexi 10.5. If you design a lot of vehicle wraps, they have one and two-year subscriptions priced at $700 and $1200, respectively.

ProVehicle Outlines

ProVehicle Outlines Nissan NV200 Vehicle wrap templatesIf you already have the ProVehicle Outlines Professional Edition, you can upgrade for around $300 for the desired year. They also have some other subscriptions packages including a monthly plan. The Pro Edition is a DVD with over 400+ templates—and they’ve got vehicle wrap templates for the Nissan NV200 for every year since its inception. Template accuracy is within ¼-inch on a 1:20 scale and these vector images work great with Adobe Illustrator. Be sure to check out their online subscription package as well.

Art Station

Nissan NV200 Vehicle wrap templates from Art StationWhat’s nice about Art Station is you can grab any vehicle wrap template you need for around $30. We searched for the Nissan NV200 and they have a template for every model year. As with ProVehicle Outlines, Art Station Vehicle Templates are 1:20 scale with ¼-inch accuracy. Get them for Mac or PC and then upload your template to CorelDraw or FlexiSign Pro. It’s a must-do to check out the free vehicle template samples they offer in .PDF files while you’re on the site.

Extra Tip

If you’re a graphic designer or marketing firm and the Nissan NV200 was recently purchased and is the current model year, Nissan does offer vehicle graphics incentive rebates (70 square foot design area and the amount of the rebate varies by area), but the vehicle must have been purchased by an authorized Nissan dealership.

Need Help with Vehicle Wrap Printing or Installation?

We know for freelances, marketing agencies, franchisors and even other sign companies with busy printers, the problem isn’t finding the templates and designing the wrap—the problem is Nissan NV200 vehicle wrap printing and installation.

That’s where we come in and we offer what we call wholesale to the trade services that includes these services—and you’re just a click away from a free estimate!

Download the Wholesale Wraps Price List

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