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Vehicle Wrap Templates for the Ford Econoline E-Series Van

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Fri, Feb 27, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

Ford E-Series Van WrapsIt happens all the time. You advertise that you can wrap any vehicle, and then you get a call from a prospective customer who wants a vehicle wrap for his Ford E-Series (or Econoline), and you have never print, installed, or even designed a wrap for one of these vans. Plus, you are not sure of where to go for the right template. Well, worry no more! We can show you where to go to get outstanding vehicle wraps templates for Ford Econoline E-Series vans.

A Little About the Ford Econoline E-Series

Ford uses the name “Econoline” and “E-Series” interchangeably. This full size cargo van is best known for its ability to haul incredible loads. In addition, there are extensive customization options, it is affordable, and the interior is simply enormous. With a maximum payload of 3610 pounds, it is ideal for heavy duty delivery services as well as contracting work.

Ford Econoline van vehicle wrap templatesThe ability to carry heavy loads comes with a cost at the pump, since the Econoline only get thirteen mpg city and sixteen highway. This behemoth has rear wheel drive, a 4.6L V8 engine, torque of 286 foot-pounds at 3500 rpm, and a wheel base of 138 inches.

Standard features are a tilt adjustable steering wheel, full size matching spare tire, 4-wheel ABS, traction control, post-collision safety system, and rear view camera. There are also a wide array of add-ons. The E-Series has eight exterior color options and three interior alternatives.

From a graphic designer’s viewpoint, the best thing about the Ford Econoline van is how big it is. With dimensions of 216.7 inches long, 84.8 inches high, and 79.4 inches wide, you can literally turn this van into a billboard on wheels, and we have the templates to help you do it (listed below).

Download Vehicle Wrap Information Kit

Art Station

Ford E-Series Vehicle Wrap Templates

You can get any wrap template you could ever want for just $30 at Art Station. For every model year of the Ford E-Series, they have templates, and they promise that the templates have within a quarter of an inch accuracy on a 1:20 scale. The templates work with Mac or PC and can be uploaded to CorelDraw and FlexiSignPro. To get a feel for what you are getting before you buy, check out the free wrap template sample PDFs on the site.

The Bad Wrap

Vehicle Templates for Ford E-Series Vans

The Bad Wrap has all of the different years and model numbers of the Ford Econoline E-Series for just $29.99. All of their vehicle wrap templates feature accurate angles of the front and rear, the top (roof and hood), as well as passenger and driver sides. Utilizing these templates requires the use of Photoshop for Flexi 10.5.

ProVehicle Outlines

Vehicle Wrap Templates Ford Econoline Vans

If you already have ProVehicle Outlines Professional Edition, you can upgrade to the latest year for $299. There are also subscription packages, such as monthly plans. The Pro Edition DVD has over 400 vehicle wrap templates to choose from, including every year the E-Series has been on the market. As with Art Station, the wrap templates are accurate within a quarter inch on a 1:20 scale. Plus, the vector images work great with Adobe Illustrator.

We Can Help with Printing and Installation!

Finding wrap templates and designing the wrap is not the hard part for many freelancers, marketing agencies, franchisors, and sign companies. They often run into trouble trying to print and install their creation. Thankfully, we are here to help with these final steps.

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Vehicle Wrap Templates for the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 07:30 AM

Vehicle Wrap Templates for Mercedes Sprinter VanMercedes Benz has always been known for their work-horse engines and that includes the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo van. Designing vehicle wraps for these vans means finding the most up-to-date templates. We’ll not only show you where to get them, we’ll also tell you how we can help with our wholesale vehicle wrap services!

A Little About the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van

The Sprinter Cargo van comes in 2500 and 3500 models with two front seats and plenty of room for tools and equipment—perfect for contractors of all kinds. There are two wheelbases for both the 2500 and the 3500 models—144 and 170-inches. Standard features include 16-inch wheels, 270-degree-opening rear doors, stability and traction control and front airbags.

The 3.0 Liter diesel V6 engine offers up 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. Or choose the 7-Speed 7G-TRONIC transmission with the 2-stage turbocharging option.

2015 Mercedes Sprinter Van Vehicle Wrap TemplatesWhat’s different from Sprinter vans offered by Dodge are the standard interior and exterior options.  Unlike Dodge where there are many standard options, the folks at Mercedes encourage “building your van to suit your needs,” according to Edmunds.com. Some of those extras include roof rack mounting rails, a sunroof, parking sensors, rearview cameras, and rear heating. Actually, Edumnds.com says it “feels more like a midsize SUV” as far as driving control, which may be a big benefit. And, Mercedes is known for their well-built, long-lasting and sturdy vehicles.

There's also a five-year 100,000-mile warranty and Mercedes Benz offers a list of preferred uplifters for interior racks, storage, cabinets and more.

In addition, the popularity of interior space is what contractors look for in a work vehicle and whether they choose the higher roof model or the standard roof, there’s still a ton of exterior canvas space for vehicle graphics.

So if you’re a freelance graphic designer or marketing company looking for the right vehicle wrap templates for the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo van, where are the best places to get them? We’ve got three websites that have them available!

Download Vehicle Wrap Information Kit

ProVehicle Outlines

Wholesale vehicle wrap printing services

ProVehicle Outlines has 9 templates available for the 2015 line-up and there are two ways to get these templates—on DVD or via an online subscription. They promise their templates are accurte within ¼-inch on 1:20 scale and all of their templates are easily imported to Adobe Illustrator. They offer free tech support and if you choose their online subscription package, you can grab templates 24/7.

The Bad Wrap

Wholesale vehicle wrap design tips

At The Bad Wrap they have three vehicle templates for the 2015 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Cargo van. This company uses professionally taken photographs and then the templates are expertly sized to factory specs. These templates are scaled at 720dpi at 10 percent scale. You will need to have Photoshop or Flexi 10.5 for these templates and the price is $29.99 per each download.

Art Station Vehicle

Wholesale vehicle wrap design services

Here, you’ll find 16 templates for the Mercedes Cargo van and they are priced at $30 each. At Art Station Vehicle they promise 1:20 scale with ¼-inch accuracy. You can use their downloads on a Mac or PC and they are sent as an EPS file. Once downloaded these vector images are compatible with CorelDraw and FlexiSign Pro vehicle wrap design software programs. Grap their free Adobe samples while you’re there.

How We Can Help

If you’re a graphic designer, print broker, marketing agency or even a sign company with a busy printer, we’re happy to offer up wholesale vehicle wrap printing and installation. Our designers can also help with any vehicle wrap design questions you have. Our wholesale to the trade services await!

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