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5 Tips On How to Sell Vehicle Wrap Designs to a Skeptic: Justifying the Cost

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Wed, Mar 05, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

5 Tips on How to Sell Vehicle Wrap DesignsAt Sunrise Signs, not only do we have in-house graphic designers, we also work with many freelance designers who send us their vehicle wrap designs for printing—and often we also install the wraps for their clients. What we hear a lot is how it can be a challenge to sell designs to the client—or justify the cost of paying an experienced designer. Here’s how to turn those skeptics into believers.

It’s Part Art, Part Science!

Some clients may look at your skills as art and art alone when that’s not the case. Graphic designers are also trained in marketing and branding. Sure you’re using the best vehicle templates out there today but the design you create is to strengthen or build a brand as well.

Communicating this to your clients at the get-go will help them understand what’s involved in your vehicle wrap design.

It’s the 21st Century and Time for Visual Communications

Where to find the best vehicle wrap templatesYour clients may already use TV and print media to advertise, however, many aren’t versed in the power of a vehicle wrap—or that it’s also a form of a visual communication.  Let them know how each wrapped vehicle has the possibility of achieving up to 70,000 visual views in just one day.

Sell the idea behind the design as well. You’re incorporating their brand into your designs to help spread the word—visually.

They Know a Kid Who Designs Stuff

Many people play around in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop but that doesn’t make them trained graphic designers. They may indeed know of a student or friend of a friend that creates logos but you can challenge them on this by asking some questions.

Some to consider are:

“If you require changes, is your designer skilled at revisions?”

“Do you have aftermarket parts that need to be wrapped that aren’t on the template?”

What's the best vehicle wrap design software“Is your designer knowledgeable about fonts and typography matching?”

“Are they using design software a wholesale vehicle wraps printer company can’t open or use when it's time to print the wrap?"

“Does their guy (or gal) have a degree in graphic design and a portfolio?”

All of these questions will make them reconsider that cheaper option.

Isn’t the Price a Little High?

Dr. Ralf Speth, the CEO of Jaguar once said of paying for graphic designers: “If you think a good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of a bad design.” It’s more than a PowerPoint presentation or sketching something that looks cool. It takes time to develop a great vehicle wrap design.

Tell them if they choose a less-experienced designer they will indeed get what they paid for—and it probably won’t be as desired or very professional.

Develop a Partnership

Wholesale vehicle wraps printing for graphic designersFreelance graphic designers often don’t have the resources to print and install their vehicle wraps once the client has approved them.

This is where Sunrise Signs can help. Instead of losing a client, we become your silent partner in the background. Just email us your design and we’ll print it out and even install the wrap if your client is in our service area.

If they are outside of our service area, we can still print the design and send the wraps to one of our trusted installers—and we have them in every state in the U.S.

Winning over clients doesn’t have to be a chore if you can convince them your skills are valuable. Keeping client relationships strong becomes a reality when you partner with a nationwide sign company that quietly stays in the background and helps you shine.

We are a click away—download our wholesale price list below!


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Image credit via Flickr by Why Not Linh Vu

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What Is Window Perf Vinyl?

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Fri, Feb 28, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

What is vinyl window perf filmEver notice vehicle wraps on a car where graphics are also on the windows? This is what is known in the sign industry as window perf vinyl or one-way vision film and is sometimes referred to as see-through vinyl. At Sunrise Signs, when we’re speaking with clients about their vehicle wrap design, they are often confused about window perf so here, we thought we’d dive into the world of this not so mysterious film—and why it’s best to laminate!

Stunning on the Outside, See-Through on the Inside

One-way vision vinyl film is an adhesive-backed PVC vinyl that is manufactured with perforated round and evenly spaced holes. The film allows for graphics to be printed right on the vinyl and it’s those evenly spaced holes—and their size—that offers visibility from the inside.

Images of vinyl window perfFor example, these films come in a variety of types and each offers the amount of print coverage versus visibility. The most common types are 50/50, 60/40 and 70/30, however the 50/50 ratio is best for vehicle windows. If a film is 50/50, half of the film is vinyl and the other half is perforated. Or, the first number of these films represents the extent of printable area and the second number reveals the total amount of see-through area. For example a 70/30 window perf film has a greater printable area for graphics but not as much visibility as a 50/50 film.

Why Laminate?

Before we jump into popular window perforated vinyl films, we wanted to discuss why it’s important to laminate. Many perf films won’t last longer than two to three years, however, if laminated, it improves the durability of the vinyl.

Lamination also protects the film from scratching the ink and provides UV protection from ink fade. It’s best to use an optically see-through clear laminate instead of a regular laminate, which may produce some hazing. Laminating also covers up those tiny holes and keeps out rain, snow, ice and dirt particles. Adding laminate to your vinyl window perf makes these films last up to five years.

Popular Films

At Sunrise Signs, we use a variety of window perforated films from manufacturers like Clear Focus, 3M, Avery Dennison and Orafol.  Below are basic overviews with links to their product pages.

Wholesale window perf printingClear Focus One-Way Vision Films – One of this manufacturer’s most common films is their 8 mil ClassicVue white/black composite PVC. It is pressure sensitive and the see-through ratio is 50/50. Clear Focus films are durable for two to three years—but last longer when laminated.  Print capability is solvent, eco-solvent and UV curable. Clear Focus recommends using a solid paper liner for printing with HP latex inks.

3M’s Scotchcal IJ8171 – This is a 4 mil cast vinyl window perf film with a 50/50 percent perforation pattern. Great for wrapping vehicle windows and print capability is solvent and PV. This film from 3M is great to use on interior or exterior windows and it comes with 3M’s Standard Warranty that covers obvious defects including adhesive and visual defects.

Large format wholesale window perf printingAvery’s MPI 2528 – From Avery Dennison is this 50/50 ratio calendared film. Like other one-way films, graphics printed on this vinyl perf  are visible from the front and invisible from the back once mounted. This 7 mil window perf vinyl film offers excellent image clarity and color pop.  Print compatibility is water-based inkjet, solvent-based inkjet, mild/eco solvent inkjet and UV and Latex inkjet. Avery provides a one-year limited warranty on this popular film.

Orafol’s  Orajet 3675 – Last but not least is Orafol’s Orajet 3675 5.5 mil perforated film. Print compatibility is latex, solvent or eco-solvent and it’s available in white with a gloss finish and black backing. The vinyl perf ratio for this film is also 50/50 and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Each of the above manufacturers offer recommended laminates for their window perf vinyl film products which can be found on their product specification sheets.

Need help with wholesale window perf printing? You're a click away...


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Reviews of the 8 Best Large Format Printers for Printing Vehicle Wraps

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Wed, Feb 26, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

From time to time, here at Sunrise Signs we like to bring you reviews of products that are essential in the vehicle wraps industry. Today we’re taking a look at what printers are the best for printing vehicle wraps. And, not surprisingly, we have eight we like; two from HP, two from Roland, two from Mutoh and two from Mimaki—and we look at these manufacturers value and high-end models.

1. HP Latex 280

Best large format printers for vehicle wrap printing

Considered to be on the high-end of HP’s lineup of large format printers. It’s great for vehicle wraps printing because with this machine, it delivers a fast turnaround so it’s great for jobs you need to print ASAP and you can laminate right way—no need  to wait until the print is dry. HP says this printer gives you “wider options with a shorter turnaround.”  Features include:

  • Addressable width is 104-inches
  • Ability to print on vinyl, textiles, paper and film
  • Prints up to 70 percent faster (753 square feet in two hours)
  • Ability to produce double-sided prints
  • Manage printer settings with an intuitive touchscreen
  • Works with latex and water-based inks including GREENGUARD latex inks
  • Comes with automatic cutter for paper, vinyl, media, backlit polyester film and thin banners
  • Print resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Six Print heads included are 2 yellow, 2 black, 2 cyan, 2 magenta
  • Price on this high-end large format printer for printing vehicle wraps can range from $42K to $55K depending on where purchased
  • More information can be found on the HP spec  sheet.

2. HP Latex 260

Best HP Large Format Printers

Next on our list in the HP Latex 260—the value printer compared to the 280 model. Hewlett Packard says this latex printers comes with “more options and less worries.”  This model also allows you to print on many forms of media including vinyl, textiles, paper and film. Like the HP 280, this model uses eco-friendly latex ink and no outgassing of ink is necessary. Again, you can go right from printing to lamination. One disadvantage is it requires two 220 electrical lines. Features include:

  • Accessible width is 61-inches
  • Prints 246 square feet in two hours
  • Comes with a media roll feed, take up-reel and automatic cutter
  • Works with latex and water-based inks including GREENGUARD latex inks
  • Six Print heads included are 2 yellow, 2 black, 2 cyan, 2 magenta
  • Print resolution is 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Price ranges between $13K and $23K depending on where purchase
  • Get more info from their technical data sheet.

3. Roland XR 640

Best Roland large format printer

Roland also has two printers we like, the first is their high-end, the XR 640 model. Its two-line mirrored print heads and contour cutting capabilities are great features. Like other large format printers for printing vehicle wraps, the Roland XR 640 uses eco-friendly inks. Additional features include:

  • Four dual print head with seven or eight color configurations
  • New featured ink colors include light black, white and silver metallic
  • Comes with a 64-inch cutter
  • Four ink configurations plus nine ink colors: Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, light black, metallic, and white
  • Print resolution up to 720 x 1440 dpi
  • Prints 528 square feet in 49 minutes, two hours
  • Two-year warranty that includes parts, labor and two free service visits
  • Built-in PANTONE spot-color library
  • Cost is around $30K
  • Find more specifications for this printer from the Roland website.

4. Roland SP 540

Best wide format Roland printer for vehicle wraps

The value lineup of Roland wide format printers is the VersaCAMM. There are two models—the 30-ince and the 54-inch.They both use intelligent pass control, eco-friendly ink and both can support rolls of vinyl up to 66 pounds. Other features include:

  • VersaWorks 3.2 RIP software
  • 1140 x 720 dpi resolution
  • Integrated heater system and Ethernet connectivity
  • Printing speed on vinyl comes in three settings; high speed (61 square feet per hour), standard (44 square feet per hour) and high-quality (17 square feet per hour)
  • There are four ink colors: Magenta, cyan, yellow, and black
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Price is approximately $14K
  • Read more specifications from the technical data sheet.

5. Mutoh Valuejet 1638

Best Mutoh large format printer

This eco-solvent wide format printer offers a dual-head design and a print speed of 1,000 square feet per hour. Additional features on this high-end Mutoh printer include:

  • Two print heads (CMYK)
  • Ten print modes with resolutions of 1440, 1080, 720 and 360 dpi
  • One-year warranty
  • ColorVerify process control
  • Media width is 64-inches; prints at 63.6-inches
  • Print methods are drop-on demand and the Piezo drive method
  • Cost is approximately $28K
  • Learn more about this printer’s specs from the Mutoh website.

6. Mutoh Valuejet 1624

Best Mutoh printer for printing vehicle wraps

Next from Mutoh is the Valuejet 1624 model that is considered their “value” large format printer for printing vehicle wraps, banners and more.  This model was designed specifically for on-printer color calibration and can be equipped with the SpectroVue VM-10 spectrophotometer for optimal color reproduction.  Some of the specs include:

  • Eco Ultra ink/ 180 nozzles x 8 rows on one head
  • Drop-on demand or Piezo drive print methods
  • Maximum print width is 64-inches
  • Print mode is KCMY
  • Print speed is 600 square feet per hour
  • Cost is approximately $18K
  • Two-year on-site warranty
  • Learn more about this printer from Mutoh on their product data sheet.

7. Mimaki JV33

Best Mimaki Large Format Printer

Our next printer comes from Mimaki—the JV33 model.  Considered their higher-end model, this wide format printer has been redesigned and offers increased print speed and produces a higher quality of prints than prior models. Features include:

  • Print head offer on-demand or Piezo head (180 nozzles x 8 lines on one head)
  • Print resolutions are 540, 720 and 1440 dpi
  • Maximum print width is 63.3-inches
  • Ink types are solvent, pigment and dye sublimation
  • Media cutting is at the Y direction right on the cutting head
  • Four and six-color options (MCYK)
  • Cost ranges from $14K to $17K
  • See their technical data sheet for more specifications.

8. Mimaki CJV30-130

Best Mimaki printer for printing vehicle wraps

Last, but not least on our list of the best printers for printing vehicle wraps is Mimaki’s CJV30-130 model. It offers simultaneous printing of colors and white ink offering vibrant and vivid images. Some of the features include:

  • Maximum printing and cut width is 63.3-inches
  • Print resolutions are 540, 720, and 1440 dpi
  • Ink capacities are solvent, SS21 ink and ES3 ink
  • Four and six color modes (MCYK)
  • Media cutting at the Y direction from the print head
  • Cost ranges from $12 to $16
  • Get more specs from the Mimaki website.

Wholesale Vehicle Wraps Printing Services

These are the top eight printers we’ve come across at Sunrise Signs and if you are in need of wholesale vehicle wraps printing, feel free to download our price list below!


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5 Places to Find the Best Vehicle Wrap Fonts

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Mon, Feb 24, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

When designing a car wrap beyond the graphics and images, there is the typography to consider. Obviously you’ll want to choose a font that is easy to read. On the other side of that equation, where can you find the best vehicle wrap fonts that make your wrap designs shine? Sunrise Signs offers some top picks.

1. My Fonts

5 Best Vehicle Wrap Fonts

With My Fonts it’s easy to create an account and browse the site for various fonts. They also offer a tool that helps you identify a font you might have seen but aren’t familiar with. Another neat feature is you can try fonts before you buy them and once you create an account, you can organize your favorites. You can also search for a font from a list of popular designers.

Prices vary and so do the number of fonts provided with each download. Browse their hot new fonts or choose from the list of bestsellers. There’s also a WhattheFont forum you can engage with colleagues or ask a question.

There’s even a mobile app for My Fonts, but those in the vehicle wrap design profession tend to lean toward the Fonts with a Desktop License.

2. daFont

Free vehicle wrap fonts

This is a relatively free font site and great for global designers but there are some ads to deal with. It’s available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. daFont allows you to search by author, theme, popularity and new and hot fonts. There’s a great FAQ section and the website walks you through how to download a font based on your operating system.

While you do need to create an account, the typography found on this site are shareware, free, demo versions or public domain. Contribute to daFont by adding your own designs. There’s a link to a search page called Snot and Fonts that offers some great educational tools like design types, histories and the mathematics of font design.  

3. Font Shop

Fonts for vehicle wrap designers

Next on our list of the top best vehicle wrap fonts is Font Shop. The downloads in Font Shop are not free but again, have varying price ranges. Create your account and browse by category, foundry, family or webfonts. It’s worthwhile to look at their bestsellers, new fonts and staff picks. They also have some free fonts.

Get tips from their blog and online help is free. Save and organize your favorites they also have FontBook iPad app.  The website is user-friendly and while you’re there, sign up for their free newsletter.

4. Letterhead Fonts

Where to find vehicle wrap fonts

Want to go back in time a bit? Letterhead Fonts touts they are rare and unique and the design of their website is certainly entertaining.  The home page offers a long scroll down to view many of their popular fonts but you can also use the left-bar navigation menu and browse by artist, styles, packages, most popular and the What’s New section.

They have a pretty cool tutorial page and their “TypeTester” page allows you to type in text and then choose a font for instant viewing. Like other sites, you can easily find a font using their dropdown tool. There are many packages and kits to purchase or you can design your own kit.  If you do purchase any package or kit, they offer free bonus fonts—be sure to bookmark this page because new fonts are added regularly.

5. Font Stock

Best fonts for vehicle wraps

With this typography site, it’s easy to browse by category right from the homepage. Font Stock is also a global site and user-friendly in a plethora of languages. Almost all the fonts on this site are free, which is nice and they offer a FAQ section on how to download from their website based on operating system. You can also share your font with other designers.

Be sure to check out their Font Tools page where you can download software for PC and Mac based on the types of fonts you want to work with and font editors.

Be Creative!

That "wraps" up our top five best vehicle wrap fonts and if you have a particular website you utilize, let us know! At Sunrise Signs we enjoy offering assistance to freelance graphic designers looking to make their mark in the car wrap design industry.

As vehicle wraps keep emerging as an affordable way to advertise or promote or express individuality, you will want to have the best tools available including typography.

Need wholesale vehicle wraps design assistance or wholesale vehicle wrap printing? Click below to download our wholesale price list.


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Wholesale Large Format Printing: Use One Go-to National Sign Company!

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Wed, Feb 19, 2014 @ 07:30 AM

Wholesale large format printingAre you frantic searching over and over again for a sign company that offers large format digital printing? Do you only think about this type of printing when you need it? Is your rolodex full of so many local sign companies you forget which one did the quickest and most accurate work? Or, have you called them all only to find out they’ll be happy to take on your digital printing project in a week or two?

Perhaps it’s time to try our reliable, nationwide, wholesale large format printing services—and we specialize in vehicle wrap printing!

Who Best Benefits From This Service

At Sunrise Signs we’ve worked with folks in a variety of industries including:

Freelance Graphic Designers – For those who have created the best vehicle wrap design, showing the proof to the client only goes so far. Email us your design and our printers will have it completed in a few hours. Don’t worry about software capabilities or compatibility because our designers have worked with the most popular software on the market today.

Wholesale wide format printingAdvertising Agencies – Some ad agencies have tons of graphic designers who are skilled in all areas of the industry. Again, a proof of an ad campaign,  banner or vehicle wrap just doesn’t offer the bling clients want to see.

Print Brokers – Most print brokers are busy and it’s hard to kick a project out of line, stop the printer and start a vehicle wrap or large format print job. We keep your printing working and you get to keep the client by outsourcing your printing needs to us.

Sign Companies – Yes, sign companies. Many of our sister sign companies focus on keeping their printers busy on banners, trade show graphics, posters and other vinyl projects. On the other hand, why lose a vehicle wrap customer? Email us the design and we’ll get right to work.

Other Services We Offer

Wholesale vehicle wraps design assistanceNow that you know you can ditch all those sign companies in your rolodex and keep just one—Sunrise Signs—there are other services where our expertise are invaluable.

Design Assistance – Stuck on a challenging design? We see this often, especially when aftermarket parts are placed on vehicles. When we say we’ve “wrapped it all,” we mean it. Let us offer you input on any design challenges you have including finding the most up-to-date vehicle templates.

Vehicle Wrap Installation – If your client is in our service area—South Jersey, Philadelphia or New York City, we’ll be happy to not only print your wraps, but also install them right in our facility. If you have clients outside of our service area, we have partners all over the United States whom we trust will install your vehicle wraps as professional as we do.

Vinyl Film Inventory – Because we do focus on vehicle wraps, we keep a large inventory of vinyl films on hand from top manufacturers like 3M, Avery Dennison and Oracal. Why order vinyl film when what you need we may have in stock—or can have in stock quickly?

Let Us Be Your Go-To Sign Company

Wholesale vehicle wraps installationLarge format printing is not new but with the advances in technology, having fast access to these printers is a necessary must do.  And, we are one of the few sign companies that offer nationwide wide format digital printing services—no matter where you are located in the U.S.

Stop worrying about which company to call. Stop making phone call after phone call to associates you think have the printing resource you need. Make Sunrise Signs your go-to resource. You’ll be glad you did.

Click the button below to find out more about our wholesale large format printing services!


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What Is the Best Vehicle Wrap Material? 3M vs. Avery vs. Oracal

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 07:30 AM

What Is the Best Vehicle Wrap Material? 3M vs. Avery vs. OracalAt Sunrise Signs, we get many calls and emails about what is the best vehicle wrap material? Does 3M have the best product or does Avery or Oracal? Because we specialize in vehicle wraps and graphics, we thought we’d take a look at some popular materials for each of these three companies including features, benefits and warranties.

3M’s IJ180Cv3

We utilize 3M IJ180Cv3 quite a bit for our vehicle wrap projects. It’s their adhesive vinyl two-mil Cast semi-gloss Controltac™ film with Comply™ v3 and offers a ten-year outdoor performance so it’s quite durable. This film includes a seven-year vertical and a two-year horizontal warranty.

Does 3M make the best vehicle wrap filmIt is a removable, slideable and repositionable adhesive with no visible channel patterns and has an excellent air release system. If you’re looking for lift resistance, this 3M film can be stretched 130 per cent with no primer or lifting required.

It is widely used for vehicles and fleet wraps as well as marine applications. As far as to print compatibility, it will work with solvent, eco-solvent, UV or latex printing systems. The maker of this vinyl film, 3M, suggests using one of their laminate products--8518, 8519, 8520, 8528, 8915 or 8548.

More details can be found on their vinyl film product solutions web page or check out the product bulletin for this vinyl wrap film.

Avery’s MPI 1005 Easy Apply™ RS

Another favourite for our designers and installers is Avery’s MPI 1005 Easy Apply™ RS. This two-mil cast gloss white inkjet vinyl offers 10-year outdoor durability and is long-term removable

Does Avery Make the Best Vehicle Wrap filmRS™ adhesive with Easy Apply™ air egress, liability and easy removability for up to five years without the use of heat.

Expect superior conformability for use on compound curves, corrugations, rivets and channels and skip the primer. This vinyl film is also 40 per cent more conformable than Avery’s MPI 1005 EZ RS and costs the same.

Pattern show-through is lessened with this film and it offers a high gloss. Avery suggests using laminating products DOL 1060 or DOL 1080 for maximum performance. Add DOL 1460 if you’re looking for ultimate conformability or DOL 1360 to gain lengthened durability. This vinyl film is print compatible with eco-solvent, solvent, UV and screenprint. Learn more about this film from Avery’s vinyl film solutions web page or check out the datasheet.

Oracal Orajet 3951 RA

Last—but not least is a look at Oracle's Orajet 3951 RA vinyl film. It is a two-mil high-performance cat gloss white inkjet vinyl with a repositionable adhesive. The outdoor performance durability is ten years.

Does 3m, Avery & Oracal make the best vehicle wrap filmThis vinyl film is available in grey or opaque and is solvent-based with permanent adhesive with air egress, clean removability up to four years and is extremely repositionable. It also comes with a 90-pound PE-coated silicone paper liner and is often chosen for vehicle wraps projects that are challenging—for both vehicles and fleets.

Oracle suggests laminating with their Oraguard 290, 290F or 293. It is print compatible with solvent, eco-solvent, UV and latex printing systems. Find out about this wrap film from Oracle's vehicle wrap product solution page or check out the technical datasheet.

Which Will You Choose?

When asking the questions what is the best vehicle wrap material—3M vs. Avery vs. Oracal, it very often depends on the project at hand. Of course, other factors come into play like personal preferences and available sizes—which you can find on their product pages.

We’d like to hear from you on your vinyl film manufacturer preference and what laminate you utilize most for your vehicle wrap projects. Leave us a comment below! And of course, Sunrise Signs is always ready to help you with any of your vehicle graphics wholesale needs.


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Where Can I Find 3M Car Wrap Printer Wholesale Services?

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Mon, Nov 04, 2013 @ 07:30 AM

3M car wraps printer3M vinyl films have always been a top choice for commercial sign companies specializing in vehicle wraps and graphics. At Sunrise Signs, we’ve noticed many of our sister sign companies, ad agencies, print brokers and freelance graphic designers often seek out 3M car wrap printer solutions on a wholesale level and we’re happy to provide this service.

The Standards of 3M

In the land of vinyl wrap films and materials, 3M has always stood out as a leader in wrap film technology. From their eco-friendly Envision line-up to their 3M Scotchcal 8518 Gloss Overlaminate to their IJ180cv3 family of films, smart commercial sign companies always have these materials as part of their standard wrap film inventory.

Sunrise Signs does find, however, that the need for 3M car wrap printer solutions is essential, especially on the wholesale level.

No Printer Available

We find our car wrap wholesale printing services most helpful in three categories when no printer is available:

Wholesale 3M Car Wrap PrintingFreelance Graphic Designers – You’ve just created the most stunning vehicle wrap for a client—or maybe designed vehicle wraps for an entire fleet. Your client has approved the artwork and you’ve received that much needed down payment for the first part of the job.

If you’re asking yourself, “Where can I get my vehicle wraps printed?” ask no more because Sunrise Signs wholesale to the trade solutions are by far the best out there. Why? We are a national sign company that specializes in vehicle wraps so our heavy-duty, wide-format commercial printers are ready and waiting for your creations. Simply email us your designs—and we can work with any vehicle wraps software—and we’ll send your car wrap designs to our printer. Worried about finding the right sign company with a large inventory of 3M vinyl film? Sunrise Signs can also ease that worry because we keep a huge inventory in stock just for wholesale purposes.

Advertising Agencies – Many ad agencies employ graphic designers who are experienced in all sorts of designs including vehicle wraps. With virtual offices around the country, these ad agencies’ best designers may be in satellite offices with no access to heavy-duty commercial printer. Sure you could run that DVD over to the nearest print broker, but many will be faced with the same challenge—an inadequate printer. Solve your virtual needs by emailing your designs to us and skip the middleman print broker and take advantage of our 3M car wraps printer—it’s ready to go and awaits your design.

Print Brokers – A graphic designer has just stepped into your retail location with a vehicle wrap and requires printing quickly. Instead of saying you don’t offer vehicle wraps printing services, call us. In fact, go ahead and advertise your car wraps printing service and take advantage of our wholesale printing services including our inventory of vinyl wrap films.

Printer Available But Busy!

Print 3M car wraps wholesaleWe also find many of our sister sign companies focus on the fast-money jobs and for good reason. Banners and other digital signs that can be printed quickly do add to your bank account. Because vehicle wraps can take up to three hours to print, why not keep your printer busy with the money-making jobs and send your vehicle wrap designs to us? Don’t turn a customer away and instead, let us step in and print your 3M car wraps.

Printer Down

Oh the trials of technology! If your printer is jammed or its digital message center is telling you the printer is offline or spitting out an error you don’t recognize, waiting for service can be a costly delay. Unfortunately, today’s customers don’t care about your printer problems—they want you to stick to the promised schedule. Instead of thinking of an excuse to offer your client, call us to handle your 3M car wrap printing needs.

Need More Than Just Printing?

Wholesale vehicle wrap installationWe’ve shown you just how valuable our wholesale vehicle wrap printing solutions can be. In addition to printing, we also know you may need certified vehicle wrap installers and we’re happy to provide that service as well.

If you’re in our service area—Philadelphia, New York City or South Jersey, not only can we print your car wraps, we can also install them right in our shop—even fleet wraps. If you’re not in our area, we can recommend  a trust installer we feel would do the job as expertly as if we were doing it ourselves.

Your client loves your design but you need 3M wrap film andm3M car wraps printing. Sunrise Signs has just solved your problem.


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Best Vehicle Wrap Wholesale Services for Print Brokers and Graphic Designers

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Tue, Oct 22, 2013 @ 07:30 AM

Vehicle Wraps Wholesale ServicesIf you have a vehicle wrap design but no wide-format printer, our wholesale services for print brokers and graphic designers are the best in the industry. Perhaps you have a client and no way to design, print or install the vehicle wrap? Instead of losing the client, let Sunrise Signs be a silent partner in all of your projects. Let’s take a look at some of the vehicle wraps wholesale services we offer!

Design Consultation

We have in-house graphic designers who are experienced and have worked with the best vehicle wrap software out there today. Our commercial sign company specializes in vehicle wraps along with partial vehicle wraps, window perforations and vehicle vinyl lettering. We can help you:

  • Enhance your vehicle wrap design or help with aftermarket add-on designs.
  • Create an entire design based on your client’s requirements.
  • Review and offer suggestions on current designs.
  • Suggest changes or recommend vehicle wrap calls-to-action like QR codes and social media icons.

Printing Help

Wholesale vehicle wrap printing servicesYou may have the design ready to go and the client has approved the artwork but no access to a wide-format printer. Let us:

  • Print your entire vehicle wrap at our location.
  • Recommend the best vinyl film for your vehicle wrap and print it on our heavy-duty wide-format commercial printer.

Perhaps you have access to a wide-format printer but it’s busy working on other jobs or in need of service. Let us:

  • Help keep your printer busy on those quick money-making jobs and email your digital vehicle wrap design to us. We can print a vehicle wrap in approximately three hours and that’s a lot of free time you can utilize to keep your printer busy.
  • Print the vehicle wrap for you if your printer is down and you have a deadline you cannot miss.

Installation Help

Wholesale vehicle wrap installation servicesIf you are located in the Philadelphia, South Jersey or New York City area, we can provide certified vehicle wrap installers to help complete your vehicle wraps wholesale project. Simply deliver the vehicle and we can install the vehicle wraps for you right in our shop.

If you don’t live within our immediate service area, we can recommend a commercial sign company near your location that also specializes in vehicle wrap installations.

Why Utilize Our Services?

At Sunrise Signs we realize there are many commercial sign companies across the U.S. that can help with all of the above services, however, partnering with us is the best idea because we have worked with many graphic designers, sign companies, print brokers and advertising agencies. We have printed and installed many vehicle wraps on the wholesale level and we know we are the best in the industry.

We also understand some wrap designs can be challenging if you don’t have the best vehicle wrap templates. Maybe the vehicle you need to design the wrap for has add-ons or aftermarket parts making the wrap a little more tricky? This is where we excel and above all, we don’t want you to lose your customer!

Our partnership remains a “silent partnership” no matter what type of wholesale services you require. You shine for your client and we cheer for you in the background.

We also invite you to take a look at our Guide to Vehicle Wraps for Wholesale Clients to learn more about how partnering with our sign company is a win-win situation.

From consultations to suggestions to design help to printing to installing vehicle wraps for our wholesale customers, Sunrise Signs is committed to superior service you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today for a free quote or click below to get started…


Download the Wholesale Wraps Price List


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3 Reasons You Should Outsource Wholesale Fleet Graphics and Wraps Printing

Posted by Adam Sokoloff on Thu, Oct 17, 2013 @ 07:30 AM

Outsource Wholesale Fleet GraphicsAt Sunrise Signs, while we are a full service commercial sign company, we specialize in vehicle wraps. We often get phone calls from graphic designers, printing companies, advertising agencies and other sign companies that need our help. There are many reasons to outsource wholesale fleet graphics and wraps—from help with the design, to printing to even aiding in the installation process.

Design Assistance

Even with the best vehicle templates out there today, many don’t include vehicle aftermarket parts and that requires some expertise and skill . Our wholesale services include working as a silent partner to aid graphic designers on the best ways to deal with challenging areas on a vehicle wrap design.

What if a client has a modified work truck or has added aftermarket parts to the vehicle forcing modifications to the design. If it’s true any part of a vehicle can be “wrapped” then these challenges do pop up from time to time.

Sunrise Signs understand you are the decision-maker when it comes to your client’s wants—but we also understand saying “yes” to some of those wants may mean you need a little extra help. Maybe you’re just not sure what the best vinyl wrap film to use?

Assisting in your design is just one reason to outsource whole fleet graphics and wraps.

Printing Assistance

Wholesale Vehicle Wraps Printing ServicesMost sign and printing companies have access to wide-format printers but very often, these businesses can benefit from outsourcing their vehicle wrap printing needs. Times to consider turning to Sunrise Signs include:

  • Your Printer is Busy -Backlog of banners or vinyl signs waiting to be printed. A vehicle wrap can take up to three hours to print depending upon the design so why not free-up your wide-format printer to spit out banners and signs and take advantage of our wholesale printing services so all jobs get to your customers on time?
  • Printers Are Down – There’s no need to worry if you’re waiting for service on a downed printers. Simply send us the vehicle wrap design digitally and we’ll start printing your client’s vehicle wraps right away. This ensures no break in service to your client and when your printer is back online, we’re happy we could step in and help.
  • No Wide-Format Printer – Your business may have great designers and vehicle templates but you lack a commercial heavy-duty wide-format printer. Let us step in and print the wraps as designed and you look like a star to your client.

We are proud to offer our printer services to our wholesale customers.

Installation Assistance

Wholesale vehicle wrap installation servicesYour sign or graphics business may have the ability to design and print all of your vehicle wraps, but you’re missing the last element—certified and trained installers. If you live in the Philadelphia, New Jersey or New York City area, we can send our installers to your location or bring the vehicles to our locations for a professional installation. Again, this silent partnership makes sure the end result is what you client expected—the first time.

Because Sunrise Signs is a nationwide commercial sign company offering vehicle wraps near and far, we also can assist our nationwide wholesale customers in finding a local sign company we trust to install your vehicle wraps. Our connections with sign companies across America makes this possible.

Communication Is Essential

As a commercial sign company offering wholesale fleet graphics and wraps services, we understand there are many steps to in the vehicle wrap process. You’ve put in the work, consulted with your clients on fleet or franchise wraps. You’ve designed the perfect wrap—or you’ve asked us to step in for assistance in problem areas. You may have no printer or your printer is offline waiting for the repair person to show up.

Instead of going it alone, do outsource your wholesale fleet graphics and let us align with you through effective communication geared toward completing your project.


Download the Wholesale Wraps Price List

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