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Vehicle Wrap Templates for the Chevy Express Van

Vehicle Wrap Templates Chevy Express VanHave you never printed, installed, or designed a vehicle wrap for a Chevy Express van? Did you just get a call from potential clients wanting you to do just that? We have sign companies come to us all the time in this predicament. Fortunately, we can help you get started with vehicle wrap templates for Chevy Express vans.

A Little About the Chevy Express

One of the most functional and versatile passenger vehicles on the road is the full-size Chevrolet Express. This beast is best known for the range of passenger configurations, strong towing capacity,   and heavy-duty, powerful engines. This makes it ideal forChevy Express van wraps hauling people as well as equipment.

Since the Express only gets eleven miles per gallon in the city and seventeen on the highway, the ability to carry hefty loads comes with a cost at the pump. However, this workhorse has a 4.8 L V8 engine, a torque of 295 foot-pounds at 4600 rpm, a wheel base of 135 inches, and a rear-wheel drive.

Standard features are hands-free calling, roadside assistance, all-season tires, privacy glass, as well as front, rear, and third-row head airbags. There is also a long list of the interior, exterior, and mechanical options. There are eight colours to pick from for the exterior, and the interior can either be vinyl or premium cloth.

The best part about the Chevy Express from a graphic designer’s point of view is how big it is. You can literally turn this van into a mobile billboard with dimensions of 224.1 inches long, 83.9 inches high, and 79.2 inches wide.

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Best Vehicle Wrap Templates for the Chevy Express

Without further ado, here is where you can get the vehicle wrap templates for Chevy Express so you can get started on your van wraps project:

The Bad Wrap

Chevy Express van vehicle wrap templates The Bad Wrap

All of the models and years of the Express are available for just $29.99 at The Bad Wrap. The templates all feature accurate angles of the top (hood and roof), driver and passenger sides, and rear and front. Photoshop for Flexi 10.5 is needed to use these templates.

vehicle Outlines

ProVehicle Outlines Chevy Express Vehicle Wrap Templates

You can upgrade to the latest year of ProVehicle Outlines Professional Edition for $299 if you already have a previous edition. There are also monthly plans and other subscription arrangements. Wrap templates for every year the Express has been on the market are on the Pro Edition DVD along with more than 400 other templates. Plus, the vehicle wrap templates are accurate within a quarter inch on a 1:20 scale. Adobe Illustrator is best for working with vector images.

Art Station

Chevy Express Van Templates Art Station

For $30, you can get whatever templates you want at Art Station. Like with ProVehicle, Art Station ensures its vehicle wrap templates are within a quarter of an inch accurate on a 1:20 scale. Plus, they have templates for every year of the Chevrolet Express. The templates can be uploaded to FlexiSignPro or CorelDraw and work with PC or Mac. Check out the free wrap template sample PDFs on the site to get a feel for what you are getting before you make a purchase.

Let Us Take Care of the Printing and Installation!

For many franchisors, freelancers, sign companies, and marketing agencies, the tough part is not finding wrap templates and designing the wrap. They typically start to have difficulties when it comes to printing and installing the wrap. Luckily, these final steps can be handled by our team of experts.

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