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Digital Telecom Builds Brand With Chevy Express Van Wraps in Burlington County NJ!

Posted on Mon, Sep, 10, 2012

Burlington County NJ van wraps advertisingWith 20 years of experience behind them, Digital Telecom Inc. offers telecommunications, data and infrastructure needs to the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Headquartered in Marlton New Jersey in Burlington County, Digital Telecom’s goal is “Not only to meet the client’s expectations, but to exceed them” by consulting, analyzing, designing, developing and most importantly, supporting all communication requirements businesses need to operate smoothly.

This telecommunication enterprise offers products and services including phone systems, Voice Over IP (VoIP), paging and PBX systems. Digital Telecom also specializes in computer networks, routers and firewalls, broadband Internet and fiber optics and in the computer hardware arena they help businesses with virus, spyware and malware removal, desktop or laptop computers, PDAs, servers and printers. Finally, they are experts in cable installations for network infrastructures such as CAT-3 phone cabling and CAT-5e and CAT-6 data cabling and Coax cabling.

A full-service telecommunications company travels from client and client and a good way to build brand identity and gain more customers is through vehicle wraps advertising. Digital Telecom asked Sunrise Signs to aid in this process so we created a visual 24/7 moving billboard advertisement with partial Chevy Express van wraps.

Today’s traditional advertising mediums are expensive and often don’t reach a large audience, but a vehicle wrapped with graphics depicting what a company offers can garner between 30,000 to 70,000 visual impressions on a daily basis. Sunrise Signs was able to show Digital Telecom how even partial Chevrolet Express van wraps would gain the on-the-road visuals they need to build their brand and help increase their client base and sales revenues.

For these Chevy Express van wraps, we used their blue corporate colors, embedded their logo, website URL and telephone number along with great graphic images that display what this telecommunication company offers. We also added good sale pitches all van wraps should include such as how they offer sales, service and installation of their products along with a menu-list of the services and products they provide on the rear and sides of the Chevy Express van wraps.

Now as Digital Telecom drives the streets and highways of the Tri-State area they serve, they are getting noticed with these custom van wraps and because van wraps are a one-time investment, they are an affordable option for almost any size business looking to build brand identity faster and gain exposure to a larger audience.

Take a look at the finished vehicle wraps below and see how these Chevy Express van wraps are hard to miss—something your business may want to consider if you want to boost your brand. We also invite you to read some of our great customer testimonials and give us a call for your corporate, fleet or franchise wrapping needs.


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