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Do your Clients have Nationwide Fleets?  Leverage them for Marketing!

At Sunrise Signs, our customer area and target market are nationwide and we can support agencies who have clients with nationwide fleets. 

1. Gain Coast-to-Coast Recognition

It won’t be an onerous process to get the entire fleet decked in new fleet wraps that are consistent in branding and installation when you work with Sunrise Signs as your provider. We have a decade of experience designing, printing and installing fleet vehicle wraps and have a nationwide network of high-quality installers.

Let Sunrise Signs manage the project and logistics, while you shine for your clients!

2. Improve Responsiveness

We know how important it is to receive a quick response, when you are dealing with large, nationwide (and needy!) clients. With our proven process, we are able to respond in a timely manner to all of our agency clients and be on top of each detail of every project – whether local or nationwide.

3. Stick within Budget (Transparent Pricing)

Many other sign and vehicle wrap providers will quote you one price just to get the job. Of course they never divulge the extra fees for wrapping the bumper, design fees or change in design fees. They also don’t offer 100 percent satisfaction meaning if there’s something you don’t like about the wrap, they’ll fix it — to them that’s just another fee.

Sunrise Signs quotes you one fee and one fee only. Our fee is all-inclusive from conception to design to creating to printing to installation and customer satisfaction.

4. Be Involved in the Wrap Process

Nationwide SUV Wraps AdvertisingAt Sunrise Signs, we look at vehicle wraps as a process that involves the agency and/or the customer from start to finish. Even if you’re unsure of the design, we have in-house graphic designers who ask the right questions and offer real solutions. We never say “Just sign here and you’ll love the design.” We are solution and customer quality based and we come with a guarantee.

5. Avoid Outdated Designs and Lettering

Nationwide Truck Wraps AdvertisingIf you are looking for professional wraps that follow current design trends and are up to date…just ask to see our vast portfolio or take a look at some of our Success Stories. Not only will you be pleasantly surprised, you’ll be anxious to get started. We cater to you and your client, not being satisfied with the easiest solution, but ensuring the best solution that is relevant for today’s market.

6. Timely Installation

Other companies may promise to have your wraps ready and installed in a few weeks but in reality, those weeks turn into months. This is a typical problem with local sign businesses that are a one-man show. It does become impossible for them to offer estimates, create artwork, get approvals, work with the customer, print the vehicle wraps and then install them. A one-shop vehicle wrapping company can’t do it all.

Because Sunrise Signs is a nationwide vehicle wraps and graphics company, when we say three to five weeks from design to installation, we mean it! Of course we’ll need your final approval on the artwork before we print the wraps on high-quality, heavy-duty vinyl but once we get that approval you won’t be waiting for months.

7. Keep the Fleets on the Road

Find Nationwide van wrapsIf you work with clients who have fleets or are franchises, you know that keeping their fleets on the road is crucial for their business. If it’s a contractor’s van, a landscape company truck or a fleet of courtesy shuttles or a hot on the market new product car, you can’t simply accept long periods of downtime for the company vehicles?

Because Sunrise Signs is a nationwide vehicle graphics company, we are confident the timeline we offer is accurate. Our timeline consists of a deposit placed and within 24 hours you’re contacted for a design consultation. Once the consultation is complete, our customers receive their design within five to seven business days from artwork approval. Our entire process for nationwide customers is only about three weeks and we pride ourselves in our timeline.

Nationwide Car Wraps AdvertisingStill not sure if Sunrise Signs is the right partner to help your agency with vehicle wraps for your clients, Read some of customer testimonials and browse our Photo Gallery.

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