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A Full Service Sign Company Offers Years of Experience in Vehicle Wraps

Van vehicle wrapsAt Sunrise Signs we are a full service sign company but our specialty is designing, printing and installing the very best vehicle wraps and graphics. There are some potential pitfalls those wanting unique or custom vehicle wrapsshould be aware of and because so many problems could occur if you choose the wrong sign company, we’re here to offer some must-have tips.


Years of experience in the industry is of utmost importance! With that experience comes solving problems early on so they don’t happen in the future. Oliver Wendell Holms, Jr. once said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”  That’s sort of how we feel about our vehicle wrap experience level at Sunrise Signs.

We utilize our expertise in design and placement to ensure vehicle wraps properly fit each vehicle. Often a one-person sign company offering vehicle graphics and wraps—even partial wraps become so overwhelmed, experience plays second fiddle.

Customer Service

Today’s economy screams for the very best company service in any enterprise. At Sunrise Signs we know our customers are our most important asset. From the time you call or walk in the door we want to please you and ensure your wishes are met—in full!

Box Trailer wrapsIf that means our in-house graphic designers need to spend extra time or make revisions to your vehicle wrap design, that’s never a problem. Or, if you want a little hand-holding on how the graphics are printed and installed, we can do that too. Finally, in the event a problem does ever occur (although they are rare) we are not a one-person sign company but come with a full staff of experts you can always reach and count on for help.

Design and Materials

Another potential pitfall you may find when shopping for a sign company offering vehicle wraps is how are the wraps designed? In addition, does the sign company understand the importance of choosing the right materials such as high-quality, heavy duty adhesive vinyl?

With our team, your design and our ideas are never outsourced! We rely on the experience and expertise of our graphic designers who are versed in things like typography, what works in a wrap and why. Positioning of text or logos on the wrap are also of key importance because if not designed correctly, the wrap will fail to meet its purpose. Because we’ve worked with just about every type of vehicle out there (see some of our Success Stories) we guarantee the shape of your vehicle is not new to us and we’ll design the wraps correctly the first time.

Materials and up-to-date industry knowledge is also something we pride ourselves in at Sunrise Signs. We stay abreast of what’s new from manufacturers like 3M and Avery. And, if we feel a new type of material doesn’t meet our expectations, we’ll tell you and we won’t use it.


Full service sign company does car wrapsFinally, a good sign company must rely on the reliability and experience of its installers. Although most of our vehicle wraps are installed at our facility, many are ordered from customers all over the country. Because we strive to offer the very best installation near or far, we have partnered with over 250 installers nationwide and we don’t just call them on the phone and ask if they want to be our partner. We check them out and see them in action before we recommend or utilize their installation services.

Wrap Up—Literally!

If you’re looking to brand using vehicle graphics or simply want to stylize your vehicle so it’s uniquely you, before you choose a sign company, make sure they offer all of the things above like we do at Sunrise Signs.

There are many things that can and do go wrong with some vehicle wraps such as working with two dimensional templates and turning that template into a three dimensional wrap. Our experience means we’ve already been through the trials and tribulation of ensuring a proper alignment of seams on bumpers and hoods.

Once the wraps are printed, you’re telephone number isn’t going to wrap around the vehicle (unless you want it to). It’s going to be prominently displayed and in the right position along with the other elements in your wraps. The same holds true for individual and custom wraps—experience brings excellence.

Ready to trust us with your vehicle wraps?

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