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Agencies Adding Vehicle Wraps as a Service Offering Must Do These Five Things to be Successful

sunrise-signs-agencies-vehicle-wraps-5We have been offering full-service vehicle wraps in our sign company for over ten years and have seen a lot of agencies make mistakes costing money and losing clients. As you select a partner to help you design, print and install wraps for your client’s fleets and vehicles, consider these five things the company should be able to do for you:

Be a Design Master – Ask the company if they employ in-house graphic designers that specialize in one thing—designing vehicle wraps using the correct vehicle templates. Can the agency help you develop a logo if you don’t have one to use for branding purposes? Are they able to make your entire fleet similar in design no matter what make or model? What about vehicle add-ons and aftermarket modifications? Can the designers ensure these elements are also wrapped and optimized? For agencies with design masters, none of these things should be a problem.

Work Within Your Budget – At Sunrise Signs many of our customers tell us when they called other vehicle wrap companies and discussed ad budgets, the agency tried to push them in a direction that use up the entire available budget. Not only do we think this is unacceptable, we give our clients options. If full vehicle body wraps don’t fit into the budget, we also offer partial wraps and vehicle vinyl lettering and graphics combo packages. There’s a package to suit every business in our vehicle wraps program.

Fleet vehicle wrapsGuarantee Satisfaction – We’ve seen a lot of wrapped vehicles from other agencies that were botched. Bubbles and uneven seams are everywhere and when the customer attempted to get those items fixed, there was a hidden fee for repairs. Avoid car wraps advertising agencies with hidden fees for extras—we guarantee installation satisfaction—it’s part of our no-hidden-fees quote.

Offer Advice When Needed – Every business owner begins an advertising campaign with an idea or suggestion. Sometimes, however, the idea needs a little boost or changes to obtain the most benefits. We ensure our clients are part of the process and complete an intense vehicle wraps consultation before beginning any design. We also are happy to point out things that will improve your final design so it gains the most visual views and is eye-catching and noticeable.

Be Detail-Oriented - The Pickier the Better – We like to think we are perfectionists in the vehicle wraps world. We don’t develop designs our customers don’t like. We provide one quote and one quote only (unless our clients make changes). We ensure every installation is flawless even if we ship the completed wraps to one of our certified master installers (yes we offer vehicle wraps nationwide). We keep in touch to see how the wraps are performing as far as visual views. We are excited about every vehicle wraps project we complete and show them off in our Design Gallery.

Vehicle vinyl lettering and graphicsWe also carry a large inventory of vinyl wrap films and utilize heavy-duty wide-format printers that are able to spit out our creations in vibrant colors. We don’t outsource our printing. We also enjoy printing out the designs of freelance graphic designers that don’t work for us —w e become the silent partner to help them stand out to their clients.

So are we picky? Yep!

At Sunrise Signs, we believe we are one of the best car wraps advertising agencies and don’t think of our clients and our partner agencies customers as just another wrap project.

Before you choose vehicle wraps company to help you brand your clients with vehicle wraps, call us to learn more about our responsive customer service, our high quality and our ability to deliver for your clients at a price they can afford.
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