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We Have the Vehicle Templates for Your Business Auto Wraps!

Business Auto Wraps and Vehicle TemplatesIf there is one thing all business owners agree on, a business must advertise to drive sales, gain new customers and keep loyal clients coming back again and again. While not a surprise to us, many business owners, contractors, franchises and fleets are choosing business auto wraps to advertise and market their businesses and we have the vehicle templates they seek for eye-catching vehicle wraps!

Marketing By the Numbers

If you’re tired of advertising reps from just about everywhere dropping in, bugging you on the phone or inundating you with emails and a promise their marketing campaigns will help your business grow and get noticed, it’s time to think about another ad direction.

These traditional methods simply don’t work as well as auto wraps and enticing graphics that turn your company vehicles into 24/7 moving billboard advertisements.

Some reasons to skip traditional ad venues include:

  • Newspaper ad campaigns are only good for as long as they run—they aren’t evergreen.
  • Newspaper print advertising was down by $2.1 billion in 2011, according to the Newspaper Association of America. No brainer here—when the number of subscribers goes down, so does the number of ads!
  • Business Owners guide to auto wrapsRadio ads and jingles might get noticed but with the technology of iPods and satellite radio now in almost every vehicle—people just aren’t listening to the radio anymore and instead opt for commercial free music listening including the offerings on smartphones.
  • Magazine print ads are also not achieving the number of visual views they used to. For most, it’s easier to find the magazine online and read what they want and skip the ads.
  • According to the Small Business Chron website, JWM Business Services says “The average rate of return on direct mail campaigns is generally ½ to 2  percent.” That’s not much of  return on ad dollars spent and direct mail can be expensive depending on the size of your database.

Auto wraps, on the other hand include eye-appealing graphics and 95 percent of people surveyed said they remembered the vehicle graphics they saw. And, just one auto wrap can receive up to 70,000 visual impressions in just one day—can print or radio advertising reps make this claim?

Marketing Solved

Sunrise Signs can solve your business marketing strategy with stunning auto wraps and we also have vehicle templates for all makes and models! Even if your company vehicle(s) have aftermarket accessories or added elements we can create a custom vehicle template because we are experts in the vehicle wraps and graphic industry.

QR Codes on auto wraps and vehicle templatesThere’s tons you can do with auto wraps whether it’s to promote a new product for a period of time, brand your company with logos, catchphrases and imagery and even grabbing the attention of smartphone scanners by embedding QR codes on your vehicle wraps.

So, from a short product or service promotional ad tool to a five-year auto wrap, the number of potential client visuals is far and above better than any other ad method out there today.

No logo or design in mind? That’s also not a problem for us at Sunrise Signs because we employ in-house graphic designers that work with traditional and custom vehicle templates to create enticing designs that will get noticed as your company vehicles drive the streets and freeways of your target market.

With auto wraps, the marketing dilemma and where to spend ad dollars is marketing solved!

We invite you to download these super helpful free tools to help you gain all the knowledge you need on vehicle wraps:

Advertise your business with auto wrapsBeyond these tools, we even have tips on how to help you prepare for a vehicle wrap consultation—and we always offer free consultations. These initial informational conversations help our designers find out exactly what you want (and need) in vehicle wrap design. We ask the right questions to ensure your artwork is superb in every way!

Stop the advertising guessing game. It costs too much to hypothesize about whether a marketing campaign will work or not work—auto wraps work.

Make 2013 the most profitable year ever by getting noticed with vehicle wraps and graphics and before you know it, this exceptional advertising tool will drive sales and boost revenues!


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