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Vehicle Wrap Templates for GMC/Chevy Cube Vans

Chevy Vans are one of the most common and effective means of transporting large and numerous amounts of goods for companies.  GMC/Chevy lends their front-end cab to many different variants of cube vans that serve a variety of different purposes. 

Chevy Cube Van Wrap Template

There are many different types of cube van configurations, but the common link among them is the type of cab used.  GMC/Chevy Vans will either have a GMC Savana Van cab or a Chevy Express Van cab.

The attached cubes and boxes can range anywhere from 12' to 28' in length.  Additionally, the cubes/boxes can have hinged doors, roll-up doors, metal bars, rivets, flat panels, "Spartan Boxes", and many other variables that you'll need to account for when designing your cube van wraps. 

Cube vans are arguably the best mobile advertising platform, providing a large, flat, canvas to design marketing, branding, and promotional information onto.  Now we’ll show you where to find digital templates for GMC/Chevy Cube Van Templates. 


Chevy Van Outlines Template 

Pro Vehicle Outlines has eleven different wireframe templates for GMC/Chevy Cube Vans

Chevy/GMC Cube Van Wrap TemplateAll of their templates are built around a GMC Savana cab, with a variety of different box lengths ranging from 14' to 26'.  Pro Vehicle Outline templates are digitally drawn images, scaled-down and accurately measured to the dimensions of the vehicle. Their templates include the sides, front, and rear views of the vehicles. Pro Vehicle Outline templates are one of the best values for sign shops, vehicle wrappers, and wrap designers.

They offer a yearly subscription to over 10,000 templates for $400 - $500 a year on their website - Pro Vehicle Outlines.


Art Station Vehicle TemplatesChevy Express Cab Wrap Template

Art Station Vehicle Templates does not currently offer any templates for GMC/Chevy Cube Vans.  However, their templates for the GMC Savana Van and Chevy Express Van can be used to design the cube van cab. 

They offer a yearly subscription to their templates for $299, or individual templates can be purchased for $30 on their website -  Art Station Vehicle Templates.



The Bad Wrap

Chevy Cube Van Wrap TemplateThe Bad Wrap offers one template for a Chevy 15' Cube Van.  The van is a professionally photographed image, which is then digitally traced to ensure accurate measurements.  Additionally, their templates for the GMC Savana Van and Chevy Express Van can be used to design the cab of your GMC/Chevy Cube Van. 

A digital copy of each template sells for $29.99 on their website - The Bad Wrap.


Sunrise Signs PRO TIP

We always recommend taking additional measurements and reference photos of a cube van's "cube" before beginning the design.  Since the cubes are often custom made, they may have different dimensions compared to the templates we discuss here.  Keep an eye out for things like metal frames around the cube and where silicone is used for bonding. 


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