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Fleet Wraps Boost Brand for GenPro Energy Solutions!

Posted on Thu, Mar, 17, 2016


The success of mobile marketing is not just reserved for the professional who commissions a work truck or delivery van wrap. In fact, it also benefits companies that use fleets of vehicles during their daily operations. Fleet vehicle wraps for national businesses allow these enterprises to display their brand and reinforce name recognition. When GenPro Energy Solutions approached our experts to discuss the treatment of various vehicles with graphics, we scheduled a consultation to discuss the details.

GenPro Energy Solutions Needed Fleet Graphics

It is interesting to note that GenPro is located at 13261 Timberline Plaza in Piedmont, SD. There, the company provides its customers with LED lighting, water and energy systems solutions. Going green at the planning stage of a building or housing development is a specialty of this enterprise that also consults with companies in their efforts to cut pollution and save clients money in the process. While talking through the project, the company’s management team let us know that they liked what they saw on our website, specifically some of the projects that we had done in the past.

Taking on the Challenge

Chevy Silverado Fleet Truck Wraps NationwideWe have worked with long-distance clients before. Discussing the products and planning for the installation was done online, by email or by phone. The vehicles, for which we designed and manufactured the wraps, varied in size. The goal of the project was to match the fleet to the company’s new branding. The management team provided us with some of the images and style elements that it wanted to incorporate into the designs. Our graphic artists then used this data to integrate it into the layouts of the wraps and graphics packages.

The Sunrise Solution for Multiple Wrap Requirements

Fleet Vehicle Wraps and Graphics NationwideChevy Silverado. There were four Silverados in model years 2005, 2013 and two 2014 models. Three needed to be treated with full wraps while one would receive a cut logo and lettering package. The wraps present a white backdrop and digital images that are cut into squares. They make up the rear side portion of the design. On each side of the truck, the display varies. Together with the company’s name, logo, contact information and niche explanation, they succeed at telling consumers something about the business.The 2014 model received a treatment that included the company’s name, logo and phone number on the sides, tailgate and a logo display on the hood. Below are the proofs for each of these vehicles, 2005, 2013, and 2014s, respectively.

2005 Chevy Silverado Truck Wrap Design Proof

Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs for 2005 Chevy Silverado

2013 Chevy Silverado Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs for 2013 Chevy Silverado

2014 Chevy Silverado Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs for 2014 Chevy Silverado

Hyundai Elantra. We designed a full wrap for this vehicle. Against the white backdrop color, you notice the GenPro name and logo as well as a niche explanation and contact information. The wrap includes a rear window perf, which allows the images to continue. There are different designs on both sides, which mimic the look of the trucks. Below are the proof for the Hyundai Elantra.

Hyundai Elantra Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

Hyundai Elantra Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs for Fleet Vehicles

Volkswagen Jetta. For this car, we created cut logos and lettering. Although the look reminds of the Elantra’s appearance, it omits the sky-blue imagery and niche explanation. Here are proofs for the Jetta:

Volkswagen Jetta Vehicle Wrap Design Proofs

Tow-behind trailers. Two tow-behind trailers needed three-quarter wraps. They mirror the website’s layout and feature style elements similar to those used for the vehicles. Here's a look at the vehicle graphic proofs for the trailers:

Fleet Trailer Graphic Design Proofs

Trailer Wrap Design Proofs

Tow Behind Trailer Graphic Design ProofsTrailer Graphics for Fleets

The Results Speak for Themselves

Fleet Trailer Wraps NationwideOnce the wraps and graphics packages were manufactured, we packaged them up and sent them to Piedmont with two of our installers. GenPro Energy Solutions flew them out and set them up in a nearby hotel for the duration of the installation process. Once these professionals finished, the consistency of the design and great looks that complemented the company’s new look and branding feel were evident. There is little doubt that fleet vehicle wraps for national businesses can make a huge difference in the way an enterprise presents itself to the public.

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Let's look at some larger images of these fleet wraps...

Chevrolet Silverado Fleet Truck Graphics Nationwide

Fleet Car Wraps and Graphics Nationwide

Images of fleet vehicle wraps and graphics

Fleet Trailer Wraps Nationwide

Volkswagen Jetta Fleet Vehicle Wraps Nationwide

Fleet Pickup Truck Graphics Nationwide

Trailer Graphics for National Fleets

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