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What is a ‘Vehicle Wrap’?

A vehicle wrap may be described as a vinyl ‘sticker’ being wrapped around the entire surface of an object. Wrap, loosely, applies to van wraps, car wraps, bus wraps, fleet vehicle branding, etc. Partial wrap implies only a portion of the vehicle surface is covered. If you’re curious, non-traditional wraps, such as window wraps, door wraps or floor wraps, simply means the ‘sticker’ has been applied to another surface.

How is the cost of a wrap determined?

Most companies charge based on the square foot of the vehicle. You may be surcharged for additional curvature on some vehicles, like a Smartcar or Motorcycle. These intricate wraps require a greater attention to detail and take longer to install. For more detailed information on the cost of a wrap, check out this blog post.

Who wraps my vehicle?

We recommend a certified installer or someone who has trained under a pro for at least a year or two. While certification isn’t always necessary, but expereience is! Door handles, bumpers and grills can be very difficult, and they need to be completed by someone who knows how to handle the fickle nature of vinyl. Often, doctoring a wrap is far more costly than having it done right the first time.

What should I look for in a wrap company?

Be sure they are using premium wrap materials. If you aren’t sure, ask. They should guarantee their installation for at least a year. The installer should be experienced. Preferably, they offer indoor installations in a temperature controlled facility. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Is a wrap removable?

Absolutely! Any professional can remove your wrap. If you know it will be temporary, ask ahead of time. Special formulas can be used to make the wrap easier to remove. Regardless, we recommend a pro because the wrap material is backed with an aggressive adhesive that requires specific products to remove it. A poorly removed wrap can leave streaks of glue or marks on the paint where overzealous scrapers were used.

Can I wrap my leased company vehicle?

Yes. You may want to be sure the length of the lease makes the investment worthwhile. However, wrap material protects the paint from wear and tear. If you are choosing just lettering, be careful of ghosting (the shadows left behind when vinyl is removed.)

What is wrap material?

Imagine a stretchy gift wrap that adheres to a surface very well when heated. While sign industry professionals use the term ‘vinyl’ for most substrates, wrap material is a premium material that can be easily manipulated as necessary. It is designed to accommodate the curves of the vehicle.

What kind of ROI can I expect from a wrap?describe the image

While we can’t measure the exact dollar amount you’ll earn from a wrap, you can expect to generate 30 – 70K impressions daily. Your name recognition is expected to be more than 15x greater. To produce the same advertising effects as a $3,500 wrap, you would need to spend $130,000. Since 91% of people surveyed notice vehicle graphics, there’s no telling the exact lead generation you can expect your wrap to produce for you.


Additional Questions

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The Sunrise Process:

Sunrise Signs prefers premium wrap material. Typically, we use the same material on all vehicle wraps. Our installers are all certified with several years of experience. We guarantee the install for up to two years. Vehicles are wrapped on location in our indoor bay. Clients are billed by the square foot and offered incentives for multiple vehicles. To see us in action, check out our videos

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