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Vehicle Wraps Graphics


Key Takeaway: Vehicle wraps offer a cost-effective, highly visible form of advertising with proven high recall rates. Sunrise Signs provides expert design, printing, and installation services for full, partial, or custom lettered vehicle wraps.

Want to expose your brand to over 50,000 potential customers per day without breaking your budget? Forget about those costly TV spots that viewers frequently ignore as well as those stagnant, unsightly billboards that can only be seen in single locations. The most practical and powerful form of advertising in today’s market is the vehicle wrap.

Think of a vehicle wrap as a mobile brand-delivery system. Whether you wrap a single vehicle or a whole fleet of vehicles, vehicle wraps can carry and promote you brand wherever roads allow for travel. You can be sitting in traffic on the highway, driving around a suburban neighborhood or cruising the streets of Philadelphia, Newark or Wilmington, and a vehicle wrap will be constantly displaying your brand’s message. Unlike with a TV ad, viewers can’t change the channel: a vehicle wrap is always on.

Due to the mobile nature of vehicle wraps, you can use them to target specific demographics as well specific events, regardless of location. By driving your wrapped vehicles near concerts, trade shows, college campuses, restaurants, malls and other bustling locales, you can ensure that your brand is constantly in front of your target audience.

Consider the following statistics:

  • A survey from Outdoor Advertising Magazine shows that mobile media has a 97 percent recall rate amongst consumers. In addition, 99 percent of survey respondents said that mobile advertising was more effective in comparison to more traditional outdoor advertising methods, like putting up billboards.
  • Of all of the various forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective: they can reach more potential customers at a lower cost per thousand impression (CPM) rate.
  • A study by the American Trucking Associations and 3M showed that 91 percent of the target audience noticed mobile advertising on truck fleets. Furthermore, the Traffic Audit Bureau reported that monthly impressions could range as high as four million on local truck routes.

Whether you are a large franchise business, a small startup or an advertising agency in New Jersey, Delaware or Southeastern Pennsylvania, Sunrise Signs can get your vehicle wrap advertising campaign up and running. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Sunrise Signs is a proven partner when it comes to designing, printing and installing vehicle wraps. Even if your company is located outside of New Jersey, Delaware and Southeastern Pennsylvania, you can pair our design and printing services with installation experts in our national network.

At Sunrise Signs, vehicle wrap design is a collaborative process. We take a consultative approach to ensure that the wrap design aligns with your brand expectations. Whether you are looking for something fun, flashy, contemporary or clean cut and corporate, our design team can make your vision a reality.

Made with durable 3M vinyl, vehicle wraps from Sunrise Signs come in three styles:

  • Full wraps cover vehicles from bumper to bumper with 3M vinyl, which maximizes space for graphics and text. Covering roofs and windows is optional when using a full wrap.
  • Partial wraps use less 3M vinyl, but can still produce a similar degree of design visibility. These wraps typically cover only the back ends and/or sides of vehicles.
  • Custom lettering and decals are the most affordable vehicle wrap options. However, don’t think lettering and decals have to be boring: Sunrise Signs can ensure that they get your brand message across creatively.

As a result of our expertise and dedication to the design process, Sunrise Signs has helped clients across a variety of industries achieve double digit comp increases through vehicle wrap advertising. To get rolling with your vehicle wrap advertising campaign, fill out the contact form!


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