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Reserve, Recycle, Reuse

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Sunrise Signs has made it our personal goal to do our part in establishing earth-friendly alternatives to many of the commonly used substrates in the sign industry. Currently, we are working to compile lists of vendors and suppliers that share this goal. Depending on the use and durability your signage requires, Sunrise Signs may be able to suggest a few green solutions for your business needs.

Unfortunately, many companies do not yet offer programs that recycle the various substrate materials used for sign making. Sunrise Signs assures you, however, that we will do our best to recycle any and all materials. While all of Sunrise Sign’s products are top quality, when a green option is not available we will create a durable, long lasting superior quality product that will not need to be reproduced as often. We strive to constantly and consistently continue our research into recycling methods and push back on companies to encourage the development of recycling programs for non-biodegradable substrates.

In the meantime, we’ll try to keep our correspondences and emails on screen, drink from a moderately chilled water cooler and opt for two-sided copies any time printing is necessary.