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Foam Letters

Group 278-3


Gatorfoam letters are made of a high density, light-weight material with a smooth surface that can be custom painted or laminated in a variety of materials. Letters made of Gatorfoam are best for indoor uses, and come in a variety of thicknesses and styles.



Letterfoam is a more durable alternative to Gatorfoam. This material has a 2lb density, and can be laminated with a smooth brushed aluminum face. Letterfoam is an excellent way to achieve a metal look while keeping costs down. These signs are highly durable and work well for outdoor signs.


HDU or Signfoam: The most durable of foam sign materials, HDU (high density urethane) or sign foam is great for harsh exterior conditions. HDU letters stand up to moisture and rot and will not crack, meaning your signfoam letters will have a long life. This material can be used to mimic a wood grain texture, making it a great alternative to more expensive wood letters. Signfoam can also be painted to achieve a look that will compliment your existing branding.

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