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Sign Permits and Ordinances for Cherry Hill Township NJ


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Do you want to put up a business sign in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and are wondering about the permit process and fees you have to pay? What about temporary signage until your monument or outdoor metal sign is ready? Here, Sunrise Signs offers a guide on sign permit regulations including allowed signage sizes and links to all the resources you need..

What the Township Says about Signage

There are zoning code rules the Township of Cherry Hill uses when handing out zoning permits. The ordnances are based on what part of the township the business sits in and the Township offers a zoning map to help you determine zoning areas.

Signs you will need a permit for include:

  • Facade Signs
  • Monument Freestanding Signs
  • Hanging Cabinet Signs
  • Temporary Signs
  • Changes to signage

Understanding Sign Ordinances

The most important thing to remember that all signs require sign permits whether they are façade, freestanding, or temporary signs. The best bet for all sign ordinances comes direct from Cherry Hill Township. In Article V of their zoning regulations, signage requirements begin on page 65—and it’s also a handy document to keep if you need additional zoning information.

Basic sign requirements include:


  • No more than four signs per business; but there are some exceptions to this rule.
  • Monument or freestanding signs can only be placed in locations with 50 feet of frontage area.
  • Freestanding or monument signs must be no more than 17 feet in height.
  • The size of any sign is computed by multiplying its greatest height by its greatest length, exclusive of the supporting structures.
  • Business owners must be current on taxes and have a business license from the Township.
  • Obtaining a Sign Permit with proposed drawings.

At Sunrise Signs, we are happy to help you weed through the Cherry Hill Township sign ordinances.

Sign Permits

Beyond zoning requirements and sign ordinances in Cherry Hill Township, New Jersey, business owners also need to apply for a sign permit—even for temporary signs.


The Township’s sign permit webpage offers three sign applications:

Along with the completed sign permit application you must provide the Township with:

  • Digital or color photo that is no smaller than 3-inches by 5-inches or larger than 8-inches by 10-inches. If you are applying for more than one sign, a photo must be included for each sign.
  • The permit application must be signed by the property owner if the business space is leased.
  • A sketch of the proposed sign drawn to scale that includes the wording or message as well as the positioning of the sign.
  • A plot plan with dimensions showing the sign(s).
  • Sign permit application fee and permit fees. There is an a fixed charge of $20 for every sign permit application and a $2.00 per square foot charge based on sign size or $50, whichever is greater.

Signs are one of our specialties at Sunrise Signs whether you need a freestanding, facade or temporary sign