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Credit Union Wraps Livin'Lite Game Day Trailer in Philadelphia!

Posted on Mon, Dec, 28, 2015

Trailer Wraps PhiladelphiaIt is common knowledge that most companies cannot survive without maintaining a trustworthy reputation. For financial institutions, it is even more important to project an image that people can trust. American Heritage Federal Credit Union is no exception to this rule.

When you are handling thousands of people’s money, you need to have rock-solid credibility. When American Heritage decided to customize their new Livin’Lite 28’ Game Day trailer, they knew that only the highest quality graphics would be acceptable.They quickly reached out to the professional team here at Sunrise Signs.We had previously wrapped a fleet of Dodge Journeys and some Spartan vans they used for maintenance purposes.

Our Client Needed a  Livin'Lite Trailer Wrap

The folks at American Heritage are no stranger to the concept of building public trust. With over 140,000 members, 30 branches, and 700 sponsor companies, to say they have been successful could very well be an understatement. In addition to a spotless reputation, they also promise lower rates on loans and higher rates on savings. Their mindset is clearly evident in their mission statement:

Livin'Lite Trailer Wraps Philadelphia“To provide Quality and Convenient Service to meet the financial needs of our Members while enhancing relations with our Sponsor Companies and the Community.”

CEO Bruce K. Foulke even encourages all member-related comments and complaints to be sent directly to his personal email. After years of hard work building a large and loyal membership base, it makes sense that they trusted us to handle their graphic design needs. Here at Sunrise Signs, we take our business just as seriously as American Heritage takes theirs.

The Challenge

Special care must be taken when designing wraps for RVs like the Livin’Lite Game Day trailer. With so many doors that may be either opened or closed, it is important to make sure the graphics will look appealing no matter what. Our client also had an existing color scheme and logo to incorporate into the final look. After careful deliberation, our professional design team showed our client the proofs. American Heritage enthusiastically approved of our idea and we immediately began turning the dream into reality.

The Sunrise Solution

Trailer Wrap Design Proofs Philadelphia

RV Wrap Design Proofs Philadelphia

Livin'Lite Trailer Wrap Design Proofs

As a nod to our client’s namesake, we chose to display a 13-star American Flag on the background of the wrap, along with art inspired by the US Constitution. We also included two cartoon characters that are definitely attention-grabbing. The requested color scheme was flawlessly incorporated into the design – we used a Gold Florentine cut vinyl, which was overlaid on black cut vinyl. Special consideration was given to the areas around the doors, and the contour cut premium wrap vinyl was skillfully applied in a way that will look sharp whether the numerous doors are opened or closed.

The Results

American Heritage was absolutely thrilled when we unveiled their trailer wraps. It was very clear to them that we have thoroughly earned our reputation for providing the best RV wraps in Philadelphia. During the design process, it was very important for us to create graphics that instantly display the trustworthiness and credibility of our client. We achieved that image by incorporating their value proposition on the side of the trailer:

“We Offer You The Right Financial Solutions Because You’re Family.”

For increased visibility, we added their logo on the front of the trailer, and their logo and contact information on the rear. We also managed to integrate the overall feel of the trailer wrap with other designs on existing vehicles.

No matter where our client takes their Livin’Lite Game Day trailer, it is sure to draw plenty of positive attention. After it was all said and done, we were happy to add American Heritage to a long list of satisfied customers.

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