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Vehicle Wrap Care: Keeping Your Wrap Looking Brand New

Posted on Thu, Feb, 17, 2011

wrap wash wrap polishIf you’re familiar with our blog then you know that we frequently mention that a vehicle wrap from a quality provider should last five years with proper care. You might be wondering what exactly is proper care when it comes to a vehicle wrap?

Before you and your brand new vehicle wrap drive off into the sunset, if you want to keep your wrap looking brand new, read these steps to vehicle wrap care:


How to wash:We recommend picking up a bottle of Wrap Wash, which is a concentrated, high foaming commercial strength cleaner that is gentle enough to not harm your graphics. While the cleaner is definitely strong, it’s also biodegradable and non-toxic, so your wrap will stay shiny and the fish will stay healthy. In addition, the formula doesn’t require a pre-wash, just mix  up the concentrate and you’re ready to start cleaning


How to dry: Whether you’re washing, drying, or just giving your wrap a quick dust-off, definitely use a microfiber mitt or cloth. These reusable cloths won’t leave lint or dust trapped to your wrap, and are perfect for wiping off the vehicle when it isn’t dirty enough to warrant a full on wash.wrap wash and wrap polish


How to polish: Think of Wrap Polish as wax for your vehicle wrap, though the product is actually a blend of resins rather than a wax. Use this long lasting polymer as little as once a year for UV protection and mirror shine. Polishing your wrap also allows for superior water beading and removes oxidation.


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