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5 Tips To Help You Prepare For A Vehicle Wrap Design Consult

wrap designVehicle wrap designers do not have psychic powers. While it might make for a really cool, albeit weird TV show (wrap designer by day, masked crime-solving psychic by night!), the sad reality is that our designers are unable to read your mind. To make up for their of lack super powers, they always really appreciate it when clients come to design consults having done just a little bit of preparation. Do you want to help our designers feel a little better about their lack of telepathy? Read on for 5 tips to help you prepare for a vehicle wrap design consult...

Have a general idea of style: As we've mentioned before, vehicle wraps come in three basic styles; full wraps, partial wraps, and vehicle lettering and graphics. Of course there's room for a lot of variation within the three categories of coverage. Will your full wrap include windows and the roof? Where will the graphics fall on your partial wrap? The coverage style of the wrap informs the design, and if you have a general idea of what you like, it can be a big help to speeding up the design process.

vehicle wrap designResearch the kind wraps that you like: In addition to having a style in mind, it helps to do a little research. Check out other wraps that have been done in your industry to get an idea of what best suits your company. For example if you're a landscaper, what suits you best; a cartoon-y floral look, an abstract green look, or a photo-realistic garden look? Having an idea in mind, or even just knowing what you don't like, helps you designer narrow down the possibilities for your vehicle wrap design. If you can, try to send your designer a few links or photos before your consult.

Bring the vehicle: If at all possible, bring the vehicle to the consult. This helps the designer to look for potential problem areas like rust or dents. Seeing these things ahead of time allows your designer to work around them so there won't be any unpleasant surprises come installation day. It can also help your designer get a better idea of the placement of graphics or lettering in relation to windows, door handles, or other potentially disruptive design elements.

vehicle wrap designBring existing branding: If your wrap is going to incorporate existing branding, try and bring those files with you to the initial consult. The designer is going to need the files eventually, and the sooner he or she can start working with them, the sooner your design will begin to take shape. Try and make sure that the files you provide are in the proper format and resolution to avoid a lot of time wasting back and forth!

Be a good communicator: Your vehicle wrap is going to be on your car, truck, trailer, or van for the next five years. Five years is a long time to spend driving around in something you dislike, so it's important to be open and communicative with your designer. It's okay not to like something! Still, its important to remember that your designer is a professional with a great deal of industry experience. If you hate a particular design element, try asking why he or she designed it that way. There could be a perfectly good reason, like avoiding the gas cap, or accommodating for the curves of your vehicle.

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