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5 Tips for How to Hire a Vehicle Wrap Installer

Posted on Wed, Feb, 09, 2011

vehicle wrap installationIt's very exciting to be part of an industry that's reached a tipping point.  Clearly vinyl wraps are now a mainstream advertising vehicle.  Unfortunately with success, comes the folks who give the industry a bad name.

It's typical when something becomes very popular, just look at all the folks who are jumping into solar and green energy.  There are some terrific companies out there, and then there are the jokers, the ones who sell their services for really cheap.

Well, vehicle wraps are no different.  We've been cleaning up so many of other peoples wrap messes lately I thought I help by offering some tips for hiring a vehicle wrap installer.  Whether you are looking to hire us or someone else, here are the basics:

  1. Are vehicle wraps their primary business?  Ask how many vehicle wraps have they installed in the past month or so.
  2. Are their installers certified?  Good installers are certified. They have received the proper training for installing wraps. Ours are 3M certified.  Another to look for is being PDAA certified.
  3. What materials do they use for printing? Here the use of quality cast wrapping vinyl and overlaminate is key.  We are a 3M & Avery graphics shop when it comes to wraps. Oracal is another good names.
  4. What kind of warranty do they offer? 3M and Avery backs their vehicle wrap vinyl for 5 years.  Look for at least a 1 year installation warranty.
  5. What are their customers saying?  Ask for a list of customers they've wrapped a couple years ago.  Call the ones whose vehicles are featured on their web site.  Also check out their Google Places review page. You should really be able to take temperature check on the quality and service the vehicle wrap company provides.

These tips should be enough to get you started.  If you still have questions, shoot me a comment. I'd be happy to "wrap" with you!

vehicle wrap installation

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