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Car Wrap Marketing: 5 Easy Ways To Drive Up Sales

Posted on Tue, Apr, 27, 2010

truck wraps phialdelphiaPurchasing a vehicle wrap is only the start of owning a mobile advertising billboard on wheels.  Here are 5 easy, effective ways to maximize your miles and drive up sales:

1. Park Strategically:  Your vehicle wrap will garner attention and exposure even while taking a break from the road.  Park your wrap away from your business and as close to the street or highway as possible.  Also consider parking your vehicle where your target market gathers.  So perhaps if you sell athletic apparel, park your vehicle at the local ball field.  If you own a fitness center, perhaps park at the market.  Park at various markets, see which gets the most traffic.  Be sure to have a business card holder on the side of your vehicle.

2. Convoy's are not just for trucks! If you have three or more car wraps, plan a monthly branding convoy.  Pick a well traveled road in your area and get out there with your fleet wraps.  If one wrap gets attention, imagine how it would look if all of your fleet were driving down the road for a few hours. Keep on truckin'! (Then park together in a lot where your target market gathers.)

3. Make it an Event!  Partner with your local youth sports organization or township.  They hold many tournaments and township days which attract thousands of potential targeted customers. Bring your car wrap, setup some outdoor flags around it, and do some product sampling or branding out of the back of the vehicle.

4. Where's Waldo?  Why not run a campaign with prizes if they spot your car and tweet about it, write where they saw it on your Facebook fan page, or your website.  You could certainly tie the promotion in with radio or television advertising.

5. Change each Wrap. Consider changing up the design for each car wrap that is added to the fleet.  Certainly branding and consistency are important, but think about the curiosity factor of what will they do next next? I've seen some very cool pest control company wraps that focused each vehicle on a different funny looking bug.

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