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How Long Will My Vehicle Wrap Advertising Last?

Posted on Wed, Jan, 26, 2011

how long will my vehicle wrap advertisement lastA very common question regarding vinyl vehicle wraps is how long will my vehicle wrap last? A very good question indeed.  Anytime I make an investment in a product or service, I want to feel good about what I am buying.  When it comes to vehicle wrap advertising, there are some important factors to take into consideration that will effect the durability and life of the wrap.

Material - Vehicle wrapping material comes in two grades, calendared and cast vinyl.  Consider calendared as a economy grade and cast as a premium grade vinyl. Since the wrap material needs to endure the harshness of outdoor conditions such as the sun, rain, snow, and wind it it essential that only cast vinyl is used. Cast also allows for the stretching around the contour of a vehicle.

Lamination - Think of wrap lamination as applying sunblock and skin lotion to your body.  It protects against the UV rays of the sun and keep the printed vinyl underneath healthy and strong.

Installation - Vehicle wrap installation should only be performed by certified professionals. Wrapping performed by someone who does some vinyl work on the side or a sign shoppe who sells the occasional wrap may not understand the intricacies of overlapping seams, installing on door handles, and methods to keep window perf edges from curling.

Care - Vehicle wrap care is just as important as using the right materials and a professional installation. A wrap should not be taken through an automatic car wash.  The brushes are much too abrasive and may either scratch the material of pull up a seam. Only hand washing or a touchless car wash are recommended. Additionally, no wax should be used as it builds up on the vinyl and will take away from the finish.

Okay, lets land the plane (or park the wrap as they say in my industry).  So what does this all mean?  How long will my wrap advertisement last? If you follow the advice above you should get no less than 5 years out of a quality vehicle wrap that if properly care for.  That may be longer than some cars last these days, but that's a whole other subject.

Do you have other questions about vehicle wrap advertising for your vehicles or fleet?  Post your questions below.

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