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Color Change Vehicle Wrap or Custom Paint Job?

Posted on Thu, Mar, 03, 2011

matte black wrapAt Sunrise Signs we live to educate, so it is with great pride that we’re announcing our latest free download, an investigation into the pros and cons of custom paint jobs vs color change vehicle wraps. You might not be aware that vehicle wraps are a great alternative to the pricey paint job you were considering for your ride. If you’re looking to make your car a little more unique, there are loads of benefits to getting a vehicle wrap. Today we’re giving you a sneak peek into one of those perks: removability.

A quality well-installed and properly cared for wrap will last for about 5 years. After the vehicle wrap starts to lose some of its luster, the wrap material is completely removable. You might think that impermanence wouldn’t be a big plus, but the fact that the wrap can be taken off actually comes in handy. Here are four benefits:

  • By protecting the paint you're maintaining the resell value. If you see your classic car as an investment, a vehicle wrap is a perfect way to keep the paint in mint condition, without hiding it in a garage.

  • You can preserve the original finish on your classic car while showing off your individual sense of style. If you searched all over creation to get the ’65 Mustang of your dreams, but you’re not thrilled with the yellow shade, there’s no better way to personalize the car.

  • You won't be negating the terms of your lease agreement by painting the car. Painting a leased vehicle may not be covered in the agreement, and we’re pretty sure that the Honda dealership won’t look kindly on you brining back a matte black Civic. Skip the hassle and get the car wrapped, then remove it before returning it to the dealership.

  • At the end of the wrap's life you can switch to a new color with another vehicle wrap, or enjoy your old paint job with fresh eyes. There’s something to be said for appreciating things you once looked over, and making the old seem like new. Your old paint will seem novel after five years of another color!

Interested in learning more about the differences between color change wraps and custom paint jobs? Download our free guide on wrapping vs painting today!

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