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Vehicle Wrap Trends: What are the best cars to wrap?

Posted on Fri, Jan, 21, 2011

Which factors do you consider when you’re purchasing a new vehicle for your business? Obviously you look at utility, whether or not the car, truck, or van can meet your needs. You definitely also look at cost, and these days fuel efficiency is definitely a factor. What about  wrapability? Lately many of the business owners we work with have told us that their vehicles were purchased with the intention of wrapping them as soon as possible. If you’re one of those savvy business  owners who understands the immediate marketing value of a vehicle wrap, you may be wondering what kinds of cars, trucks, and vans make the biggest impact once they’re wrapped.

The good news is that whatever kind of vehicle you wrap, it’s going to stand out. Period. Whether you’re in a Honda Civic or a custom Lotus, if it’s wrapped, you’ll definitely get extra attention. The best vehicle for you will depend on the needs of your individual business. Still, we love sharing our knowledge, so we broke down some of our favorite kinds of vehicles into a few categories to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your next wrap:  

scion wrapWide and Weird: Chevy HHR, Toyota Scion, Honda Element. There’s definitely been a trend in square vehicles in recent years. Whether you love the angular look or you’re not a fan of the boxy shapes, you can’t deny that the unusual shapes of these cars stand out . Everyone has an opinion! In addition to being a little unusual, the broad sides of these vehicles give them a somewhat unique place in the world of vehicle wraps. You gain the fuel efficiency and maneuverability of a smaller car, but the broad canvas size of a mobile billboard! Definitely a win-win situation. Because they tend to have less curves than other vehicles, it becomes very easy to use the wide spaces for big, colorful graphics.

Where could these vehicles go? House calls, consultations, smaller deliveries.

VW bug wrapCurvy and Cute: Mini, VW Bug, PT Cruiser. These rounded vehicles may be a little trickier when it comes to the wrap installation, but they pack a powerful marketing punch when they hit the road. Turning one of these cute cars into a vehicle wrap is a great way to harness their already potent attention grabbing powers. These are cars that either stand out for their coolness or because of some game associated with them. For example, remember all of those backseat games of “punch bug” (or according to my little cousin, its newer incarnation “PT cruiser bruiser”)? These car wraps look especially great when they’re wrapped in a full pattern. “Punch bug yellow!” how boring; try “punch bug leopard print!”

Where could these vehicles go? Errands around town, strategic parking, meetings.

sprinter van wrapBig and Brawny: Sprinter vans, Ford F250, Hummers. Enough fooling around with those silly little vehicles, you’re in the market for something BIG. Sure trucks and vans are fairly common, but when you wrap an automotive giant like a truck with a full size crew cabin or an enormous Sprinter van your sheer size will definitely get you noticed. These vehicles offer the most space for larger than life graphics for your vehicle advertisement. One enterprising client told us that he’s planning on having his truck lifted to make it stand out even more!

Where could these vehicles go? To do dirty work! Hauling materials, job sites, installations.

So, after reading this article which of these three types are your favorite? Feel free to post a comment below.

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