Vinyl Decals South Jersey

What are vinyl decals?

In essence, a vinyl decal is a high quality sticker made of adhesive backed vinyl material. The adhesive can come in a variety of bondage strengths, and these decals can be stuck onto virtually any smooth, non-porus surface. You might be wondering how stickers can be an asset to your business, but don't underestimate vinyl decals! With a little vision and creativity, vinyl decals can be a great addition to your marketing plan. We create many different kinds of decals at Sunrise Signs, but they most frequently fall into these main categories:

Decals for your business wall decal

Have you ever considered an office wall decal? What about retail graphics in the form of vinyl decals? Or Printing and distributing business logo decals? The ways to expand your business are never ending. Whether you're shipping a free logo decal with every new package or tastefully showing off your mission statement in the form of a wall decal, Sunrise Signs is here to help!


Decals for your windowswindow decal

A tasteful decal of your logo and hours is a great addition to your storefront branding. Your exterior sign might be beautiful, but its always a good idea to have some consistent branding at eye level, which is where window and door decals can come in!

Depending on your needs we can create discreet logos or entire window displays. And don't worry about blocking out light - our perforated vinyl material will allow for natural light inside, and great looking graphics outside!

Decals for your vehicle

vehicle decal

Vehicle wraps have been proven to give your business the most advertising impressions per least amount of dollars spent. If you're not looking for a full wrap, a well-placed logo decal and phone number or web address can go a long way in creating business and generating new leads for your company.

Decals for cars, trucks, trailers, and vans are a particularly smart idea for businesses that spend a lot of time on the road like cleaning services or home inspectors. Take a break from marketing lunches and cold calling to generate leads by simply sitting behind the wheel!

Why is Sunrise Signs the best?

We create our vinyl decals in our local, in house production facilities. Your decal will be printed on a large format, full color printer that is capable of everything from recreating your logo in sharp, accurate color, to photo realistic graphics.

If you already have a design for your custom decal, we're happy to print it for you, but we also offer design services and consultation for those how prefer to work with our experienced design staff. We'll make sure that your vinyl decals are created to your specifications and on your time line. We are also happy to send out an installation team for decals and graphics that are larger and more difficult to place.

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What is a vinyl decal?


A vinyl decal is essentially a high quality sticker printed onto an adhesive backed vinyl material. They can be stuck onto virtually any smooth surface and with a little creativity they can turn into an amazing asset for your business. We like to focus on a few main types:


Business Decals


Office wall decals. Retail graphics decals. Business logo decals. The options are endless! If you have a business geared toward children, you could start sending out a free decal with every package you ship to spread brand awareness. Make sure everyone is aware of your company's mission statement by turning into a wall decal for your conference room or lobby. Pep up your retail space with seasonal graphic decals.


Window Decals


Window and door decals can act as a finishing touch to your storefront branding. A reproduction of your logo accompanied by your business hours is appreciated by your customers and looks great. We can create decals large enough to fill entire window displays, and perforated vinyl material allows plenty of light in your space while keeping the outside graphics sharp.


Auto Decals


Auto decals are a subset of vehicle wraps, and are a perfect solution to any visibility problems that you might be having. With a logo decal and phone number strategically placed on your car, truck, van, or trailer, you can announce your business to thousands of potential customers a day! Auto decals are especially good for services that are constantly on the go, like house cleaners or contractors, but any kind business will welcome the visibility boost!