Vinyl Decals New Jersey

Tell me about vinyl decals.

In simplest terms, a vinyl decal is basically a high quality sticker made of an adhesive backed vinyl material. Decals can be stuck on to a variety of surfaces, pretty much anything smooth and non-porous. This means that your decals can go nearly anywhere, from cars, to walls, to windows, your creativity is the limit! Unless you're a dentist who routinely gives them to child patients, you might be wondering how something that is essentially a sticker can help your business. Well wonder no more, because with a little ingenuity your new decals will be turning heads for your business in no time! At Sunrise signs we're capable of printing just about any kind of vinyl decal under the sun, but they most frequently fall into one of three categories:

Decals for business wall decal

Are your office walls bare and boring? Pep up your work space with wall decals. You can see a great example of office wall decals in the picture on the left, where one of our clients created mission statement and logo decals for their conference rooms and office space. Maybe you don't work in an office, but in a retail space, well vinyl decals can make excellent and unexpected retail graphics. They peel off with no damage to paint when you're ready to promote a new product or sale! If your business is home-based, think about including small business logo decals with every package you ship out as a way of giving back to your customer and spreading your brand awareness far and wide!

Decals for windowswindow decal

Your outdoor business sign may be lovely, but its always a good idea to add something to your door or window at eye level. A window decal can make a fantastic addition to your storefront branding. You can simply recreate your logo for those who haven't glanced up at your sign, or you can add your business hours or a more detailed list of services you provide. We can print custom window decals as large or as small as you like, with the option of perforated vinyl material so that larger graphics won't block out the natural light.

Decals for vehicles

vehicle decal

While we love doing full vehicle wraps, sometimes all you want is the name of your business with some simple contact information. If you want to harness the power of mobile advertising without a bumper to bumper full wrap, vehicle decals are the way to go! A well positioned logo decal and web address or phone number can do wonders for generating leads and creating new business for your company!

We recommend vehicle decals for businesses that are constantly on the move, like delivery companies or home repair professionals. Vehicle decals are also great for small businesses that lack the larger marketing budgets of their competitors, as vehicle wraps and decals create the most advertising impressions per least amount of dollars spent.

Why should I print my decals with Sunrise Signs?

All of our vinyl decals are printed in our local, in house production facilities. We use a professional large format, full color digital printer that can create everything from accurate color reproductions of your logo to photo-realistic graphics of any size.

In addition to amazing print quality, we have an experienced in house design staff that will work with you to create beautiful custom designs for your decals. You can consult with our design staff in person, or take advantage of our new live design online program and watch your decal design come to life before your eyes from the comfort of your home. We also offer professional installation services for larger or more difficult to place decal graphics.

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What is a vinyl decal?


A vinyl decal is essentially a high quality sticker printed onto an adhesive backed vinyl material. They can be stuck onto virtually any smooth surface and with a little creativity they can turn into an amazing asset for your business. We like to focus on a few main types:


Business Decals


Office wall decals. Retail graphics decals. Business logo decals. The options are endless! If you have a business geared toward children, you could start sending out a free decal with every package you ship to spread brand awareness. Make sure everyone is aware of your company's mission statement by turning into a wall decal for your conference room or lobby. Pep up your retail space with seasonal graphic decals.


Window Decals


Window and door decals can act as a finishing touch to your storefront branding. A reproduction of your logo accompanied by your business hours is appreciated by your customers and looks great. We can create decals large enough to fill entire window displays, and perforated vinyl material allows plenty of light in your space while keeping the outside graphics sharp.


Auto Decals


Auto decals are a subset of vehicle wraps, and are a perfect solution to any visibility problems that you might be having. With a logo decal and phone number strategically placed on your car, truck, van, or trailer, you can announce your business to thousands of potential customers a day! Auto decals are especially good for services that are constantly on the go, like house cleaners or contractors, but any kind business will welcome the visibility boost!