Get Your Business Noticed! Wrap your vehicles!

vehicle wrapWhy Vehicle Wraps? If you’ve been considering wrapping your vehicle, here are a few thoughts and comments on why it ’s the right decision.  Take a look at the visibility and advertising impression statistics the industry is judged by and comp are them to other advertising media. You can also read about a few examples of successful vehicle wrap marketing campaigns and see how the right wrap can cause business to boom!


Vmetro shadow bg resized 600ehicle Wrap FAQS – You can probably point out a vehicle wrap on the street, but what else do you know about them? We understand that you probably have a lot of questions about vehicle wraps if you 're  considering one for your business. In this section we address some of the more common wrap questions. You'll find out what a vehicle wrap is, what kind of materials are used, how you get the graphics off, what kind of ROI you can expect, and much more!

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Vehicle Wrap  Design – An insider’s look at the vehicle wrap design process from design consult to wrap printing and large format graphics installation. Design is the most important aspect of your wrap and vehicle wraps occupy a very specific niche in the world of graphic design. We address some of the important things that wrap designers have to pay attention to and discuss how, with thousands of vehicles on the road, templates can make a designer’s job much easier!


Nationfleet wrapal Fleet Accounts – With a nationwide network of installers, Sunrise Signs  can handle your national fleet branding needs. Whether you want us to wrap in N ew Jersey or New Mexico, we have you covered. Let the quality of your Sunrise vehicle wrap shine anywhere you are. We can design, print and arrange the logistics for the installation of your fleet vehicle wraps from  coast to coast! 

Car Wraps – Whether you're driving a Smart Car or a sedan, you don't need the biggest vehicle on the road to make a huge impression. Even smaller  wrapped cars make big impressions as high impact mobile billboards. If you’ve been hesitating to commit to wrapping your car, here are a few ideas.


Truck Wraps – Truck wraps are great for businesses on the go, particularly repair services or contractors. Driving your partially wrapped truck all day gives you hundreds of impressions and can open the door to numerous opportunities ! If you curious about what makes a truck wrap effective and eye-popping, check out this page for some inspiration.

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Box Truck Wraps – If you need a box truck, you probably have deliveries to make  to numerous locations. What you may not realize is that you're essentially driving around a mobile billboard! Why miss ou t on all of that great advertising space? Use lettering or high quality graphics to let everyone know exactly what you do!porsche van bg resized 600

Van Wraps – The most commonly wrapped utility vehicle, handymen, contractors and couriers everywhere should consider the impact of taking their wrapped van to every job they go on. The large areas of open space on your van are a great way to inform people about your services or products! Have a look at our selection of van wraps to get an idea of how to transform your business's van!


trailer shadow no bg resized 600Trailer Wraps  – Tractor trailers are another hidden billboard in disguise! Whether your tractor trailer wrap requires partial graphics or a full wrap, Sunrise can deliver, no  matter the size. Check out some of the amazing looking trailers we've wrapped in the past to get ideas for a wrap of your very  own!



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