Drive Sales with Contractor Fleet Vehicle Wraps and Graphics!

Most contractors utilize popular ways to advertise their services whether it is Valpak, Groupon, newspaper, radio or TV spots and pay-per-click advertising. For most contractors, however, the return on ad investment dollars is not as expected meaning you’re basically throwing advertising dollars out the window without building your brand identity.

fleet vehicle wraps advertise 24-7 day and night

Fleet Wraps Offer Real Solutions

What is the one thing a contractor utilizes every day that can be turned into a brand building and advertising campaign all in one? Their vehicles! Whether you have one, two or more vehicles in your fleet, why not take advantage of vehicle graphics and wraps—your affordable solution that guarantees some stunning branding and advertising statistics.

-With contractor fleet vehicle wraps you are advertising your contractor vehicles 24/7, even when you and your staff are sleeping.

-On the road, fleet vehicle wraps become moving billboard advertisements.

-One wrapped fleet vehicle can receive up to 70,000 visual impressions per day

-Fleet wraps last up to 5 years per vehicle and are not a one-shot advertising campaign.

contractor ad compare

-Contractor vehicle wraps are the cure for the common fleet of all-white vehicles and help make your fleet stand out above the competition.

-You will spend less on vehicle wraps than any other form of advertising while building your brand.

Fleet Vehicle Graphics Cost Per Impression Comparison

Why Sunrise Signs?

At Sunrise Signs we look at fleet vehicle wraps as a process that involves the contractor from start to finish and promise

-Years of experience and expertise to ensure your vehicle wraps engage consumers.

-Exceptional customer service; you can always reach us.

-We employ in-house graphic designers and only use high quality adhesive vinyl from manufacturers like Avery and 3M.

-Expert installation process at our facility or by one of our 250+ certified nationwide installers.

-We have a vast portfolio and customer testimonials that prove we do what we say we can do.

How to Get Started

Ready to start branding your fleet consistently, receive the visual views you need to gain customers and be memorable and stand out above the crowd? Simply fill out the Contact Us for a Fleet Wrap Quote form and we’ll contact you within 24 business hours!

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