Car Wrapping: Perfectly designed for your purpose

PT Cruiser Car WrappingCar wrapping has never been more exciting, affordable and the perfect means to express your personality or advertise and brand one or even a fleet of vehicles!

Since 2008, Sunrise Signs has been wrapping all makes and models of cars. Whether you want to “peace out” that PT Cruiser, announce your new company or design your car to compete with the graphics of NASCAR, we’ve got you covered—and wrapped!

Because car wraps make your vehicle a mobile billboard, it will get noticed. And, because you work directly with our graphic designers, you can skip the middleman and let Sunrise Signs be your one-stop car wrapping service.

Statistically Speaking…

Everyone loves statistics right? We turn to them at the beginning of each pro sports season to see how teams stack up. In actuality, statistics play a huge part of what we do on a daily basis so here’s a statistic to knock your socks off:

According to the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, the average American driver between the ages of 35 and 54 years of age drives 15,291 miles per year. Another stat from the US Department of Transportation: For every 1,000 Americans, 635 of them drive on our city streets, freeways and highways.

That’s a lot of chances to make an impression if you choose car wrapping—whether you want to be unique or promote your company's brand.

what is the cost of a vehicle wrap

Let’s Talk Affordability

If you think you can’t afford car wrapping, think again. The average car wrap starts at $1,800 andyou wouldn’t think twice about adding performance tires to your vehicle. Just Falken high performance tire will cost you around $250 bucks—that’s $1,000 right there! If you want a top of the line navigation system many manufacturers charge approximately $600 to $800 on top of the retail price—and most navigation systems also mean annual subscription costs and updates!

So, is car wrapping affordable? Indeed!

Durability and Installation

national car wrapping installationWhen it comes to car wrapping, at Sunrise Signs we pride ourselves in the durability of our wraps and the installation process. Although our main office is located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, we have partnerships with over 250 professional installers nationwide. We also know you love your baby so we can install most wraps in two days or less depending on the design.

As far as durability, you can expect our car wraps to last up to five years (the average term for a car loan) and they are 100 percent removable and they protect original manufacturer paint.

Brand and Brand Some More!

Brand Car WrappingIf you’re looking to brand your fleet of cars, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA) 91 percent of people surveyed notice car graphics and wraps. The ATA also points out a car wrapped with your company’s brand will generate between 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions.

In the average year, you could spend $130,000 by advertising in newspaper, radio and TV spots and other ad venues, but a car wrap branded with all of your company’s information will cost you only $3,500—doesn’t that make more sense?

Let Your Imagination Roll

Car wrapping is fast becoming the norm for both individual expression and company brand promotion. Sunrise Signs understand this and our dedicated team of professional designers and installers are here to help.

We don’t just suggest an idea and pass you off to another company—we work with your car wrapping needs from start to finish!

And, because all of our designed wraps are digitally kept within our offices, if you desire a change or addition to your wraps, that’s no problem.

Ready to wrap your car? Fill out the form to the right and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

We promise 100 percent satisfaction with ever car we wrap!  Download our Free Vehicle Wrap Kit!

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