Car Graphics

Car GraphicsWhen most of us hear the words “car graphics” we think of decals full of flames, skulls or windows or bumper stickers boasting how a parent’s kid is on the honor roll.

These, however, are misconceptions as the world of car graphics and car wraps has exploded since the mid-1990s. They have become a form of advertising, self-expression and will help create a brand identity if professionally designed and installed properly. And, we’re not talking just a paint job here!

Interruption Marketing

For those of you not familiar with interruption marketing, a well-designed and placed car graphic is a form of interruption marketing. It “interrupts” your day. It makes you stop and look because your eyes are visually drawn to it.

The same principle applies to website pop-ups or ads with extreme elements. You can’t help but look—you have to look. Some may tire of pop-ups or ads that seem to shout at them in newspaper, magazine or radio and TV spots.

One marketing ad we hated, but did indeed interrupt our day was the headache medicine “Head On.” Remember that commercial? It repeated the product name over and over again and instructed us to “apply it directly to the forehead.” No fuss, no muss, we got it. It annoyed us, but how many people bought it or wanted to try it? Tons.

Interrupt the Day Using Car Graphics

It really doesn’t matter if you want to use car graphics for self-expression, a fleet advertising campaign or to aid in creating a brand identity. Once you know the purpose for installing car graphics, you must then consider their affordability and noticeability. Both are by far the very best elements of vehicle graphics and car wraps.

Car Graphics ROIYou may be convinced you need car graphics or a partial or full car wrap but wondering about the cost stops you. This is a mistake.

No matter the purpose of your wrap or graphic, you must look at them as an investment, not an expense—an asset if you will. Our ROI (return on investment) calculator will show you how your car graphics and wraps will pay for themselves in no time. And, we’ve got stats to back up that statement.

According to the American Trucking Association (ATA), “91 percent of people surveyed noticed” car graphics and wraps. And, 3M, a well-known maker of vinyl found that, “a company would need to spend $130,000 in advertising dollars to achieve the same effect of a $3,500 car wrap or graphic.”

They do get noticed—they do work—they do help you brand your company and advertise.

Car Graphic Quick Facts

Here at Sunrise Signs, we only use high-quality adhesive vinyl to create our car graphics which are professionally installed using shrink-wrap process so they stay in place. Even though they are firmly in place they are 100 percent removable to protect OEM paint making your vehicle’s resale value more attractive.

We install car graphics nationwideSince 2008, our in-house team of graphic designers work with you to design the very best car graphics and wraps. Once they are created, they are stored digitally meaning any changes are a mouse-click away. Because they are stored and safe, if you decide it’s time for a rebranding effort, we can easily make the changes you need.

Finally, Sunrise Signs partners with over 250+ professional installers nationwide so no matter where you need the graphics installed, we can get an expert onsite fast. Our installers are trained so no bubbles occur and your graphics and wraps come with a five-year warranty—even if you just looking for a savvy wraps like a black matte car wrap!

Reach Your Target Market

There are those of us who already understand the effectiveness of car graphics and vehicle wraps. Actually, car wrapping has become so popular if you counted the number of vehicle you see on your daily drive to and from work, the amount would astound you.

Our commitment at Sunrise Signs is to create the very best graphics with the right information based on your needs. We can offer suggestions and come up with solutions on where to place your Advertise with car graphicsgraphics, whether you need a full or partial wrap as well as what information should be placed and where. It’s also important to know what type of information to place on your graphics in order to reach your target market—we excel at this as you can see from some of the photos here. (We also invite you to visit our photo gallery for even more great pictorials of the graphics we’ve designed, created and installed).

Along with understanding how car graphics are an investment, we also invite you to download our free car wrap kit to help you further understand the process.

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